Near or Far? Omics Data Management, Analysis, and Action

September 10, 2014
Near or Far? Omics Data Management, Analysis, and Action
To make better use of genomics data, researchers need to make sure that they are gathering and sharing good quality clinical data as well. [© millaf –]

Robin Munro

It was inspiring to listen to Howard J. Jacob, Ph.D., professor of physiology and human and molecular genetics at Medical College of Wisconsin, speaking a few years back about successfully treating a young boy with an extreme form of inflammatory bowel disease using genome sequencing. It just shows that with the right time, the right data analytics, and expertisze there can be success in bringing genomics to the bedside.

So what needs to happen in genomic medicine to make this exceptional case become more common place? Now, almost four years later, the ambition and vision is there but major challenges still lie ahead.

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