MSKCC Small Cell Cancer Molecular Atlas IDs Potential Therapy Target

One of the deadliest cancers, small cell lung cancer tends to spread early and aggressively with two-thirds of cases already metastatic at diagnosis while chemotherapy typically is not very effective at treating the disease.


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Repurposing Study Suggests Bumetanide Could Slow Alzheimer’s

Researchers discovered that bumetanide—used for more than 30 years to treat fluid retention associated with conditions like hypertension and heart failure—reverses signs of Alzheimer's disease in mice, as well as in human brain cells.

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There is a pervasive concern in many industries that compliance with changing environmental regulatory directives will create an undesirable trade-off between health and safety and efficacy.  As with other chemical substitutions, biocide preservatives for diagnostic assays do not reduce performance.
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Immusoft Scores Deal Worth More than $900M With Takeda to Develop CNS Cell Therapies

Seattle-based cell therapy biotech Immusoft has scored its first big pharma deal with Takeda and will partner to develop cell therapies for rare neurometabolic diseases that can traverse the blood brain barrier.
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Tumor Microenvironment Changes from Immunotherapy Revealed by Raman Spectroscopy

The method employs machine learning to aid in mapping the biochemical composition of tumors, and changes in the tumor microenvironment, from immunotherapy.
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Study Shows Fabric’s GEM AI Improves Rare Disease Diagnosis

Despite differences in case collection, sequencing methods, and bioinformatics pipelines across all sites, Fabric GEM ranked the causative variant first or second more than 90% of the time in a new study, which included 119 Rady patients, mostly NICU infants, with rare genetic diseases.
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Qatar Genomic Study Results Bring New Insights for Precision Medicine

The Qatar Genome Program has published an analysis of more than 6000 Qatari genomes, which researchers plan to use to improve the precision medicine offering in this region and discover insights into ancient population movements.
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New UCSD Genome Center Will Address Genetics, Care Disparities of Admixed Populations

The Center for Admixture Science and Technology (CAST) will use the largest genomic datasets of individuals with diverse ancestry, in combination with socioeconomic data, to better predict health and disease in admixed individuals.
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Mayo Clinic, Personalis Partner to Offer Precision Cancer Testing

Test results will be available to patients and their treating health care providers to guide therapeutic decisions, advance cancer research, and support the development of new diagnostic tests and therapies for cancer treatment.
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Brain’s White Matter Integrity Disrupted in People with Alzheimer’s-Associated Mutation

Analysis showed that people carrying the AD-associated mutation had lower structural connectivity in the frontoparietal control network, which connects areas mainly in the parietal and frontal lobes, two regions known to be involved with Alzheimer’s disease.
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Long Reads Can Make Short Work of Rare Disease Diagnostics

Recent success stories bring hope that long-read sequencing may make diagnosing rare genetic disease more successful.
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Top Women in Precision Medicine

Hailing from all corners of the globe, our 2021 list of influential women in precision medicine are scientists in the C-suite influencing the direction of the companies they help lead.

Powering Diagnostics for Infectious Disease

The COVID-19 pandemic saw a rush of companies developing diagnostics for the infectious disease that should benefit the detection of other diseases.
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From Hype to Utility

Artificial intelligence is emerging from its overhyped past to provide analytical muscle in precision medicine.
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Green Light Raises Red Flags

FDA, some experts at odds over agency’s accelerated approval for Aduhelm, the Alzheimer’s disease drug from Biogen and Eisai.