Bluebee, MediSapiens Offer Combined NGS Data Analytics Solution

May 30, 2017
Bluebee, MediSapiens Offer Combined NGS Data Analytics Solution
Bluebee and MediSapiens said they will provide analytical solutions for next generation sequencing data. (Source: © kentoh/Fotolia)

Bluebee and MediSapiens said they will provide tailored end-to-end analytical solutions for next generation sequencing data, from raw sequencing reads to endpoint analyses, through a strategic partnership aimed at fostering diagnostics development.

The partnership—whose value was not disclosed—has developed a combined offering designed to provide a comprehensive, integrated solution for NGS data analysis and interpretation in healthcare and research.

By integrating MediSapiens’ Explorer™ Platform with the Bluebee® platform, the companies said, they aim to offer researchers and clinicians the ability to efficiently curate, analyze, store, interpret and securely share data and findings with colleagues, and apply the data to personalized medicine initiatives, drug development, and cohort or population research.

Bluebee provides high-performance genomics analysis and storage solutions, through a platform that includes the Broad Institute-developed Integrative Genomics Viewer. MediSapiens focuses on biomedical big data curation, management and interpretation. In 2014, MediSapiens announced it was providing Bayer HealthCare with a software solution designed to enable analysis and visualization of genomics data.

“With the combination of Bluebee's private, cloud-based robust and scalable platform for high-speed, configurable data analysis and Explorer Platform's capabilities in data curation, management and interpretation, scientists and clinicians now have a comprehensive integrated solution that will enhance the development of new diagnostics in the research lab and enable improved therapeutic decisions in a clinical setting,” Bluebee CEO Hans Cobben said in a statement.

MediSapiens CEO Sami Kilpinen added that the company’s integrated biomedical data solutions will be complemented by Bluebee’s capabilities in optimized and secure genomics pipelines.

“This partnership enables us to offer world-class end-to-end solutions for customers working with NGS and offer convenient and powerful tools for pharmaceutical and diagnostic development as well as translational, biobank, cohort and population research,” Kilpinen added.

As of November, Explorer Platform was being offered on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud, used by healthcare facilities worldwide. The first stage of target customers were Finnish healthcare facilities and institutions.

By teaming up with Microsoft, MediSapiens said at the time, its customers could implement MediSapiens data solutions alongside their existing IT infrastructure, without their genomic and clinical data analytics exiting their firewalls.