Innovator: Biobusiness Sees Clearly through the Cloud

June 2, 2016
Innovator: Biobusiness Sees Clearly through the Cloud
Zephyr applications can display recommendations that are supported by predictive analytics.

Gail Dutton

Zephyr Health is transforming big data from myriad sources into actionable information for life sciences sales and marketing teams. In the process, Zephyr Health is helping its customers make nonobvious connections that help them drive engagement, determine current and future thought leaders, and identify leading prescribers. It is also helping its customers identify factors that favor their competitors.

“Zephyr Health is an Insights as a Service company—the first and perhaps only one in healthcare,” says William King, the company’s founder and executive chairman. “Zephyr is about the transformation of data.”

Historically, datasets have been disconnected. Datasets belonging to organizations have been known to grow prodigiously and yet serve little purpose, since they resisted aggregation or mining efforts. In the past few years, organizations have improved their aggregation and mining capabilities, and they have started to make use of big data.

“We are no longer just analyzing data,” explains King. “We are developing actionable insights.”

Zephyr Illuminate is an Insights as a Service (IaaS) application, which is a kind of Software as a Service (SaaS) application. Like SaaS applications, IaaS applications provide cloud-based analytics. IaaS applications, however, also generate alternative actions clients might take.

Zephyr Health’s IaaS can aggregate customer relationship management (CRM) databases, enterprise resource planning (ERP) databases, and other internal databases with data purchased from vendors and the thousands of public databases indexed and curated by the Zephyr Illuminate platform.

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