POC Diagnostics in the Cardiovascular Disease Space

August 5, 2014
POC Diagnostics in the Cardiovascular Disease Space
The CVD space is an attractive segment wherein POC diagnostics finds significant utility. [© Alexander Raths - Fotolia.com]

Enal Razvi, Ph.D.

Gary Oosta, Ph.D.

The focus of this GEN Market & Tech Analysis report is to present some of our recent industry tracking of the point-of-care diagnostics (POCD) space.


  • We present the POC diagnostics space with emphasis upon cardiovascular disease (CVD) in this report.
  • The growth of the POC space is exponential and its impact on CVD cannot be ignored.
  • CVD is an optimal therapeutic area for POC diagnostics and in this report we present the reasons for this trend, and the associated biomarkers that are being deployed in POC tests.
  • The expanding POC space and its impact on many other therapeutic spaces is the driver for the market forecast, which predicts >30% growth of POC over the coming years.

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