Promoting Wellness and Demystifying Disease: The 100K Project

May 16, 2014
Promoting Wellness and Demystifying Disease: The 100K Project

Leroy Hood, M.D., Ph.D.

Nathan D. Price, Ph.D.

We believe that a longitudinal, Framingham-like study of 100,000 well individuals (hereafter termed the 100K project) and their dynamical data clouds could transform medicine by 1) providing scientifically validated metrics for wellness, 2) allowing one to study the earliest origins of disease in an individual and 3) allow one to follow the entire progression of a disease from its beginning to end.

This proposal would allow us to study the initiation and progression of all common diseases and, from that, learning how to predict and prevent these diseases would revolutionize healthcare.

Complexity, Disease, and Systems Medicine

Contemporary medicine is challenged by the incredible complexity of physiology and disease. Each individual has unique genetic and environmental contexts. Clearly the traditional reductionist approaches to disease are insufficient to effectively deconvolute this complexity. Over the last 10 years systems approaches have increasingly been employed, leading to a new discipline designated systems medicine, which has two striking features.

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