The Future of Cancer Genomics

July 16, 2014
The Future of Cancer Genomics
Comprehensive molecular profiles of the most common cancer types are now available. [NHGRI]

Dan Koboldt

As you have probably noticed, there’s been a major shift in the focus of next-gen sequencing over the past couple of years. First it was all about new genomes, new techniques, and discovery. Now it’s all about translation. We are entering a new era in next-gen sequencing, one in which NGS technologies will not only be used for discovery, but will be integrated into clinical care.

A review in the latest issue of Human Molecular Genetics discusses NGS-enabled cancer genomics from the clinician’s point of view. In it, the authors highlight recent findings from large-scale cancer genomics efforts—such as the Cancer Genome Atlas—and offer their perspectives on the significant challenge facing us: translating the knowledge from such massive “oncogenomic” datasets to the clinic.

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