The Promise and Challenge of Immuno-Oncology

Sponsor: QIAGEN. This webinar explores the complexity of diagnostic testing in immuno-oncology and therapeutic innovations that have emerged in the field.

Emerging Technologies in Next-Gen Sequencing

Sponsor: PerkinElmer. RNA and sequencing technologies have the potential to unlock the mystery of our every dynamic transcriptome.

Multiplexed Mass Spectrometry Solutions for Cancer Proteomics

Sponsor: ThermoFisher Scientific. In this webinar, multiplexing quantitative proteomics for profiling breast cancer patient-derived xenografts will be discussed.

Multiplexed IHC/ISH Using an Automated Slide Staining Platform

Sponsor: Roche. New equipment and methodologies have allowed researchers to streamline their IHC and ISH workflows.

Detection of Ovarian Cancer Recurrence: Quality Control Routines using an Integrated Proteomics Approach

Sponsor: ThermoFisher Scientific. The webinar will focus on some of the current challenges facing researchers looking to improve biomarker discovery for ovarian cancer.

The Year in CRISPRs

Sponsor: Advanced Analytical. 2015 was a phenomenal year full of new developments for the structures and mechanisms of CRISPR systems.

Genetics of Neurodegenerative Disorders – How Mutations Affect Disease Pathology

Sponsor: Cannon. This webinar highlights current research of the APOE gene, and how its E4 allele affects disease pathology in Alzheimer’s disease.

Liquid Biopsy and ddPCR: A Match with Quality in Mind

Sponsor: Bio Rad. In this webinar we will hear how GenQA addresses some of the challenges in providing quality assessments for ctDNA testing.

Conquering CML: The Breakthrough Paradigm Change of Treatment-free Remission

Sponsor: MolecularMD. Download this eBook to learn how MolecularMD helped usher in a new era of CML treatment now prescribed by progressive clinicians.

Taking Whole Genome Sequencing into Prime Time Clinical Practice

Sponsor: Clinical OMICs. This webinar focuses on scientific, clinical, and patient-oriented strategies to help WGS's high clinical expectations.
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