Immunotherapy and Cancer: Harnessing the Power of Diagnostic Assays

Sponsor: MolecularMD. In this eBook learn how MolecularMD is harnessing the company's unique capabilities to address diagnostic needs within immuno-oncology.

Emerging Technologies in Next-Gen Sequencing

Sponsor: PerkinElmer. RNA and sequencing technologies have the potential to unlock the mystery of our every dynamic transcriptome.

The Year in CRISPRs

Sponsor: Advanced Analytical. 2015 was a phenomenal year full of new developments for the structures and mechanisms of CRISPR systems.

Target Enrichment Technology Optimized for Analysis of SNPs, Mutations, and Copy Number Changes in...

Sponsor: NuGEN. During this webinar we will describe and present data for an NGS target enrichment workflow, based on the novel SPET.

Detection of Ovarian Cancer Recurrence: Quality Control Routines using an Integrated Proteomics Approach

Sponsor: ThermoFisher Scientific. The webinar will focus on some of the current challenges facing researchers looking to improve biomarker discovery for ovarian cancer.

Rise of Genomics in Clinical Trials

Sponsor: DNAnexus. The challenges of incorporating NGS into clinical trials is being addressed through the adoption of robust technology solutions.

Multiplexed IHC/ISH Using an Automated Slide Staining Platform

Sponsor: Roche. New equipment and methodologies have allowed researchers to streamline their IHC and ISH workflows.

Multiplexed Mass Spectrometry Solutions for Cancer Proteomics

Sponsor: ThermoFisher Scientific. In this webinar, multiplexing quantitative proteomics for profiling breast cancer patient-derived xenografts will be discussed.

Rethinking Rx-Dx Codevelopment

Sponsor: Molecular MD. Codevelopment is an intermittent and uncertain process. Adopting an agnostic approach to the challenges associated with platform and method selection provide added degrees of freedom for strategic development and selection of the most appropriate clinical trial assay.
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