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Duke Researchers Show How Stem Cell Mutations Arise and Metastasize in the Colon

The researchers used a Cancer rainbow (Crainbow) modeling system for fluorescently barcoding somatic mutations to directly visualize the clonal expansion and spread of oncogenes.

Blood Test that Measures Expression of 5,000 Proteins Shows Potential as Disease Screening Tool

Researchers scanned 5,000 proteins in single blood plasma samples taken from 16,894 participants to simultaneously capture the individualized imprints of current health status, and incident risk of cardiometabolic diseases such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke,and heart failure.

Qiagen, DiaSorin Launch Automated Workflow for QFT-Plus in U.S. Following FDA Approval

QFT-Plus is designed to offer streamlined laboratory automation for latent TB screening, supporting conversion from century-old tuberculin skin tests to fourth-generation blood-based QuantiFERON technology.

Teamsters Health and Welfare Fund of Philadelphia Taps Color for Genomic Health Information

The genetic testing and associated services will help the 13,800 Fund members better understand their genetic risk for hereditary cancers, heart disease, and medication response.

Indivumed Cancer Database to Add Proteomic Data Via Biognosys Collaboration

The collaboration is intended to enhance Indivumed’s database by adding proteome-level data from thousands of samples using Biognosys’ proteomics technology, with the goal of enabling discoveries in cancer biology.

Hibernation Provides Genetic Clues to Understanding Obesity

Researchers compared the genomes of four hibernating mammals with humans to search for genetic links modulating hibernation, obesity and metabolic disorders and identified 364 potential genetic elements they believe could have a role in regulating hibernation and obesity.
Genomenon said today it has partnered with Rhythm Pharmaceuticals to create a database of genetic mutations associated with obesity as documented in published studies. Rhythm plans to use the data to better understand rare genetic disorders of obesity. [Visual Mozart/Getty Images]

Digbi Health’s Obesity, Diabetes Digital Therapeutics Program Offered by Blue Shield of California

Digbi Health gives Blue Shield members access to a DNA- and gut microbiome-based precision care and personalized lifestyle medicine tool that is tailored to their unique biologies and lifestyles.
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Genome’s Dark Matter Illuminated by CRISPR, Nanopore Sequencing

Researchers in Germany, led by a team at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics in Berlin, have now developed a method that combines CRISPR-Cas technology with nanopore sequencing and stem cells, to evaluate in detail these previously inaccessible regions of the genome.
Clostridium difficile bacterium

The Broad’s Genotype/Phenotype Diagnostic Approach Helps Unravel Antimicrobial Resistance

The new test, dubbed GoPhAST-R, combines phenotypic antibody susceptibility testing (AST) with newer genotyping methods that search bacterial DNA for mutations known to confer drug resistance.
Autism spectrum disorder, conceptual illustration

iPSYCH Project Finds Shared Mutations in Autism and ADHD

One of the most commonly shared types of mutations were those affecting the microtubule-associated protein 1A gene (MAP1A), which increases risk of developing one of these conditions by more than 15 times.
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