color coded DNA sequence with binary data

Seven Bridges to Manage Data for UK Biobank’s WGS Vanguard Phase

Bioinformatics company Seven Bridges, announced it has been selected by the UK Biobank to process and analyze the full genomes of 50,000 volunteers that...
Clinical OMICs Magazine: Volume 1

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Vural Özdemir, M.D., Ph.D., is editor-in-chief of OMICS: A Journal of Integrative Biology, published by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. He is also an associate...
Owlstone Medical's Breath Biospsy platform services will be used by AstraZeneca to identify novel biomarkers differentiating between disease phenotypes for asthma and COPD. [Owlstone Medical]

AstraZeneca to ID Asthma, COPD Biomarkers Using Owlstone Medical’s Breath Biopsy

Breath Biopsy is designed to help stratify patients by offering a rapid, non-invasive approach to identifying breath-based biomarkers.
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New Research Will Probe Relationship between Colorectal Cancer and Colon Microbiota

Colorectal Cancer Alliance provides $125K of funding to Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center with an emphasis on young-onset CRC
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Watson Health, Broad Institute Partner to Tackle Cancer Drug Resistance

The $50 million, five-year collaboration seeks to shed new light on why some tumors develop drug resistance over time, while others do not.
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Cancer Genetics Buys Gentris for Up to $6.25M

Cancer Genetics (CGI) said today it plans to acquire Gentris, in an up-to-$6.25 million deal that the buyer said will significantly expand its client...

SkylineDx, Mayo Clinic Collaborate on Melanoma Diagnostics

Bioinformatics specialist SkylineDx will help refine Mayo's algorithm that identifies risk factors associated with melanoma metastasis

Meat of Antibiotic Resistance Is Not in the Meat

Antimicrobial resistance courses to and from livestock via environment, not just antibiotic use.
Utilization of NIPS is growing

Snapshot: Noninvasive Prenatal Screening—Making the Case for Responsible Innovation in Genetic Testing

In the dozen years since the sequencing of the human genome, the pace of innovation in genetic testing has exploded. We are now able...
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Assessing the Assessments of Cancer Bioinformatics

New computational biology research from Johns Hopkins could lead to more precise ways to target tumor growth.
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