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Asterand Bio and MolecularMD Launch Therapeutic Biomarker Partnership

Partnership focused on targeted therapeutic biomarker validation, optimization, development, and commercialization.
Provista Diagnostics researchers say the company's Videssa® Breast test can help inform better decision-making after abnormal mammogram or other breast imaging results and potentially reduce the use of traditional biopsy by up to 67%. (Source: [iStock/David Marchal)

Risk Score May Point to Which Breast Cancer Patients Can Avoid Chemo

Researchers have developed a test that predicts the likelihood that a person with invasive lobular breast cancer (ILC) will benefit from chemotherapy. The findings...
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Sequencing Circulating Tumor DNA of Lymphoma Determines Origin and Prognosis

Stanford researchers use ctDNA to accurately identify cancer subtypes and pinpoint drug-resistance mutations that may cause drug resistance.
Edico Genome's DRAGENTM processor will be combined with Congenica's SapientiaTM software platform into a single genome data analysis solution (Source: Edico Genome)

Congenica, Edico Genome Combine Platform Technologies Into a Single Offering

The new offering, available immediately, will combine Congenica's Sapientia software platform with Edico Genome's DRAGEN processor.

BGI Americas, AiLife Partner on Clinical WGS Diagnostics for Genetic Disorders

BGI Americas, the U.S. subsidiary of BGI Genomics, will partner with AiLife Diagnostics to jointly develop and market a clinical whole genome sequencing (WGS)...
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MDx Health Buys NovioGendix for Up to $8.8M

MDx Health plans to acquire NovioGendix for up to $8.8 million, the companies said today, in a deal that expands the buyer’s uro-oncology offerings...
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New Breast Cancer Target: Long Non-Coding RNA that Promotes Metastasis

In animal experiments, the growth of metastatic tumors was reduced by a molecule designed to target a specific lncRNA and trigger its destruction, indicating that the lncRNA is a potential therapeutic target to alter breast cancer progression.
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Identical Twins Share Both Genes and Epigenetics

Researchers show that monozygotic twins share not only genes, but epigenetics, and propose how this extra level of similarity occurs
Personal Genome Diagnostics has won a contract from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to provide its PlasmaSELECT™ 64 liquid biopsy profiling assay to advanced cancer patients being treated at VA facilities.. [iStock/©dmbaker]

VA Agrees to Use Second PGDx Cancer Assay for Patient Testing

PlasmaSELECT will be the first plasma-based genomic profiling test offered to VA cancer patients, and the first to also include MSI testing.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Partners with Blueprint Medicines on Cancer CDx

Thermo Fisher Scientific plans to develop its Oncomine Dx Target Test as a companion diagnostic for Blueprint Medicines' BLU-667.