In addition to loci for loneliness

Cambridge Researchers Identify Genomic Loci for Loneliness, Social Interaction

Using GWAS analyses of UK Biobank samples, study also reports causal association between obesity and loneliness and symptoms for depression.
A new single-cell sequencing tool developed by researchers at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center has improved their understanding of how a common form of early-stage breast cancer advances to a more invasive form of the disease.[Source: [Source: NCI Center for Cancer Research

Single-Cell Sequencing Tool Yields Insights into Breast Cancer

MD Anderson researchers say TSCS helps them better understand how common form of early-stage breast cancer advances to a more invasive form
BloodCenter of Wisconsin says its seven new hematology panels will expand its testing capabilities with numerous non-malignant hematology disorders.. [kirstypargeter/Getty]

BloodCenter of Wisconsin Boosts Genetic Test Capability with Seven New Hematology Panels

New panels expand expand BloodCenter's testing capabilities with numerous non-malignant hematology disorders
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20 Molecular Diagnostics Companies to Watch

Up-and-Coming Diagnostic Test Developers Emerge as Consolidation Thins the Field.
[Source: Olga Efimova / EyeEm / Getty Images]

Liquid Logic: Circulating Tumor Cells Provide Valuable Insights

The translation of CTC-based liquid biopsy technology from research labs to the clinic has been moving forward slowly.
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Researchers Detail the Unique Genetic Profile of Lewy Body Dementia

Led by UCL researchers, the team identified a heritability estimate for Lewy Body Dementia of 36%, similar to that of Parkinson's disease
Source: iStock/Mutlu Kurtbas

Point-of-Care Molecular Diagnostics Evolve

As described by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), point-of-care (POC) instruments combine multiple analytical functions into self-contained, portable devices that can be used...
The joint venture is designed to combine Maccura's expertise in IVD development

Qiagen Looks to Joint Venture With Maccura to Advance NGS System in China

The joint venture says GeneReader NGS could benefit 6,500+ customers, particularly in networks of China's largest "Class III" hospitals
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Maximum Resolution Requires Maximum Depth for Next-Gen Sequencing

NYU School of Medicine researchers publish results of a new method of sequencing that has the potential to overcome some NGS shortcomings.
To make better use of genomics data

Near or Far? Omics Data Management, Analysis, and Action

It was inspiring to listen to Howard J. Jacob, Ph.D., professor of physiology and human and molecular genetics at Medical College of Wisconsin, speaking...
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