TSRI and JCVI scientists conclude that the process of reprogramming is unlikely to introduce variants that would make the cells appropriate for therapy. [Source: iStock/© Archeophoto]

Whole-Genome Study Allays Cancer Fears Surrounding Stem Cell Techniques

Cell-replacement therapies that depend on induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) inspire hope and fear—hope that cells derived from iPSCs will actualize regenerative medicine; fear...

Researchers Manipulate Self-Renewal Genes as Potential AML Therapy

The scientists used an antibody treatment to disrupt the interaction of two molecules, RSPO2/3 and RSPO-LGR4. RSPO-LGR4 upregulates key self-renewal genes and is essential for LSC self-renewal in a subset of AML.
Trovagene's Trovera® urine ctDNA biomarker test will be used in an open-label prospective biomarker study designed to evaluate whether the combination of noninvasive urine and blood testing is as effective as tissue testing in identifying epidermal growth factor receptor T790M mutation status. [Trovagene]

Trovagene to Provide Trovera EGFR Liquid Biopsy Test to AstraZeneca

Trovera EGFR will be used to assess if urine and blood testing is as effective as tissue testing in identifying EGFR T790M mutation status.
Patients are often reluctant to undergo colonoscopy. [iStock/Wicki58]

Case Study: Innovation in Molecular Diagnostics Changes the Game in Cancer Screening

Colorectal cancer is the second-leading cause of death (behind only lung cancer) among men and women in the United States; 49,700 people are expected...
The new grants are aimed in part at supporting the development of methods to integrate genome sequencing into the practice of medicine. [© vichie81/Fotolia]

7 Investigators Win $18.9M in NIH Grants for Research Into Clinical Genome Sequencing

The new grants are aimed, in part, at supporting the development of methods to integrate genome sequencing into the practice of medicine
Image 1: MRI of the brain of a healthy child: gray matter is pale gray and white matter is dark gray. Image 2: MRI of the brain of a child with cerebral palsy: red arrows show scarring over the central gray matter leading to stiffness and problems in the coordination of movements. [McGill University Health Centre]

Genetic Variance Found as Cause for Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy (CP) is the most common form of physical disability in children, with an incidence rate of approximately two cases for every 1,000...
Source: Callista Images/Getty Images

Melanoma Drug Resistance Mechanism and Biomarker Identified

Investigators identify a novel epigenetic mechanism that causes resistance to treatment in melanoma patients with a specific BRAF mutation
Source: iStock/valentinrussanov

New Troponin Test May Quickly Rule Out Heart Attacks in Emergency Rooms

A new study in the Lancet indicates that Abbott’s ARCHITECT STAT High Sensitive Troponin-I (hsTnl) test may rule out heart attacks to help doctors...
Source: wimammoth/Getty Images

Foundation One CDx Gets FDA Approval, Concurrent CMS Proposed Coverage Decision

The IVD diagnostic detects INDELs and CNAs in 324 genes to identify patients who will benefit from 17 targeted therapies
Services that include continuous remote access to tumor specialists and treatment navigators will be made available to community hospitals

Philips, Navican Launch Turnkey Precision Medicine Solution Focused on Late-Stage Cancer

Solution will integrate large-scale genomics analysis with contextual clinical patient data to deliver more precise cancer treatments.
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