Some researchers believe that while tumor genome profiling identifies driver mutations in breast tumors

Finer Cancer Screens Catch More Cancer Clues

Advances in genomics studies have revealed new etiological and somatic genetic events that drive breast cancer pathogenesis.
Source: Union of Concerned Scientists

Effects of NIH Budget Cuts Will Extend into the Clinic, Kalorama Cautions

Long-term effects seen beyond FY2018 if reduced federal spending slows down the transformation of research into clinical practice
These cramps are getting worse now

Proof-of-Concept Data Presented for Diagnosis, Monitoring, and Treatment of GI Disorders

Precision Medicine company Progenity, a developer of both diagnostic and therapeutic platforms, announced results from three studies that represent potential breakthrough methods for diagnosing,...
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Cancer Outcomes Improved through Personalized Medicine, Says New Study

Researchers report that approaches using precision medicine for cancer treatment, showed improved response and longer periods of remission.
After fewer Rosetta shareholders approved the deal than needed for completion

Genoptix Terminates Planned $10M Acquisition of Rosetta Genomics

Companies say Genoptix interested in 'alternative options' after fewer Rosetta shareholders approve the deal than needed for completion
Progenity has raised $125 million in Series B financing to accelerate development of its gastrointestinal tract-focused precision diagnostics/precision therapeutics platform.[Source: © Orlando Florin Rosu/Fotolia]

Progenity Raises $125M in Series B Financing to Advance Dx-Rx Platform for GI Tract

The company will use the capital to fund further development of its diagnostic and therapeutic platform focused on gastrointestinal diseases

Defining a Molecular Dx Curriculum for Clinical Lab Scientists

To date, training programs in molecular diagnostics have been proliferating beyond anyone’s ability to define a curriculum. But at least one organization is trying...
Mouth Microbiome

Researchers Find Greater Than Expected Diversity in Human Microbiome Genes

Scientists have mapped the genetic diversity of microbes residing in the human gut and mouth.

First Common Risk Genes for Autism Identified

An international research effort has identified the first common genetic risk factors for autism spectrum disorder.
Source: vchal/Getty Images

First Patient Treated with Sangamo In Vivo Genome Editing Therapeutic

Sangamo Therapeutics treats the first patient in a Phase I/II study of its zinc finger nuclease candidate SB-913, designed to treat MPS II.
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