Fabric Genomics is partnering with data management company ITTM to provide secure genomic data hosting capabilities for European customers. (Source: iStock/© evryka23)

Large Scale Genomic Study Uncovers New Disease Targets

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia researchers compared the sequence data of more than 100,000 people of European ancestry and found copy number variant (CNV) associations in four major disease categories: autoimmune, cardio-metabolic, oncologic, and neurological/psychiatric diseases.
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Probiotic Drink Spiked with Genetic Elements Helps Thwart Antimicrobial Resistance

The drink targets small DNA elements called plasmids that carry antibiotic resistance genes. By preventing these plasmids from replicating, the antibiotic resistance genes are displaced, effectively re-sensitizing the bacteria to antibiotics.

Liquid Biopsy Test to Detect TRK Biomarkers in the Blood of Patients Diagnosed with...

Biocept's Target Selector test enables physicians to identify the potential presence of NTRK fusions used to inform on treatment options.
ersonal Genome Diagnostics (PGDx) said today that its 500+ gene pan-cancer tumor profiling tissue assay is being used by Merck & Co. in a Phase II clinical trial designed to assess patient response to a dual biomarker-directed precision oncology combination therapy in patients with previously untreated advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

Amgen Taps Guardant, Qiagen for AMG 510 NSCLC Companion Dx Partnerships

The deals with each partner will initially focus on the KRAS G12C mutation as found in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), which accounts for approximately 13% of all NSCLC cases.

Illumina Debuts Two New Sequencers, Inks Dx Deal with Roche

The NextSeq 2000 and NextSeq 1000 are both designed to meet growing demand for clinical genomic data at reduced cost, while the collaboration with Roche is focused on advancing clinical diagnostics leveraging Illumina’s pan-cancer assay TruSight Oncology 500.
Fluidigm and Genomenon plan to create a joint panel design offering intended to help researchers accelerate the design of disease-specific next-generation sequencing

Element Biosciences Raises $80M to Accelerate Development of a New DNA Sequencing Platform

Led by ex-Illumina executives, Element’s founders believe its sequencing technology can reduce costs and inject more competition into a market dominated by their former employer.
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8 Companion Diagnostic Developers Making a Mark

If companion diagnostics (CDx) were people, they would be old enough to drink. The first CDx won FDA approval in 1998, when Dako Denmark...
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Triple Negative Breast Cancer Recurrence Prediction Method Developed

Women whose plasma contained circulating tumor DNA had only a 56% chance of being cancer-free two years following chemotherapy and surgery, while those without it had an 81% chance the cancer would not return in the same time span.

Personal Genome Diagnostics to Develop LBx to Inform Eisai Drug Discovery Efforts

The two companies will look to develop a kitted NGS solution for the identification of biomarkers using blood samples collected from patients enrolled in clinical trials.

Small Sequencer Developer GenapSys Completes $90M Series C Financing

GenapSys’ sequencing system is about the size of an iPad, costs under $10,000, and is based on a proprietary direct electronic sequencing chip, which is intended to eliminate the need for cumbersome equipment.
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