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Newly Identified Prostate Cancer Subtype is Responsive to Immunotherapy

Characterized by the loss of both copies of the CDK12 gene, the subtype occurs in 7% of patients with metastatic castration-resistant cancer
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Secondary Findings in Genomic Sequencing Get New Reporting Recommendations

ACMG releases new recommendations for reporting of secondary findings in clinical exome and genome sequencing.
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Exosomes from Cancer Cells Could Predict Immunotherapy Responses

University of Pennsylvania researchers contend an immune-evasion mechanism may help explain the differences in responses to immunotherapy
Whole exome sequencing is becoming more available to patients and will help them distill the sequencing data to candidate genes and link them with therapies. [NCI]

Cancer Combination Therapies Tailored to Individuals Show Improved Outcomes

Patients with therapy-resistant cancers show improved outcomes if their treatments are personalized according to the molecular profile of their cancer, according to a new...
Research Kits to Identify Breath-Based Biomarkers

Research Kits to Identify Breath-Based Biomarkers

Breath Biopsy Kits allow academic, clinical, and pharmaceutical researchers to discover and validate breath-based biomarkers.
DNA MiniPrep Kit

DNA MiniPrep Kit

The ZymoBIOMICS™ DNA Mini Kit is designed for purifying DNA from any sample input that is immediately ready for analysis.
Chris Lunt

Tech Veteran Named CTO of NIH’s All of Us Research Program

Chris Lunt will lead efforts to build an engagement and digital data platform intended to support research based on data from 1M+ Americans.

Genetics of Neurodegenerative Disorders – How Mutations Affect Disease Pathology

Sponsor: Cannon. This webinar highlights current research of the APOE gene, and how its E4 allele affects disease pathology in Alzheimer’s disease.
Seegene will partner its Allplex™ assays with Thermo Fisher Scientific’s PCR System (Source: Seegene)

Seegene Partners with Thermo Fisher Scientific to Enter U.S. Diagnostics Market

Seegene said it will partner Allplex™ assay with Thermo Fisher Scientific’s PCR System, aiming to create a comprehensive MDx solution
The FDA insists it is not looking to derail ctDNA or stop development of new technologies. [Rutchapong/iStock]

Getting Testy Over Liquid Biopsies

Dazzled by the prospect of a market projected to reach $22 billion,CtDNA tests attract interest from companies, institutions, and regulators
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