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Coffee Consumption Affects Cannabinoid Metabolism

The research shows how coffee affects a person's metabolism including the metabolism of steroids, and neurotransmitters linked to cannabis
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RNA from Nasal Swabs Can Detect Viral Infections

The test, shown to be effective at evaluating nasal swab samples, could significantly improve diagnosis of very sick young patients.
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Mitochondrial DNA May Hold Key to Autism Spectrum Disorder

The researchers found the risk of developing autism spectrum disorders correlates with mitochondrial DNA variants, not nuclear variants
Nightingale Health

Nightingale Health to Analyze Biomarker Profiles of UK Biobank Samples

Company's technology measures metabolic biomarkers predictive of future risk for heart disease, type 2 diabetes and other chronic diseases.
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Enzyme Eyed as Biomarker of Colorectal Cancer

Researchers identify a protein involved in cell proliferation and new blood vessel development that could aid in early CRC diagnosis
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Gut Microbiome Bacteria Provides Link Between Fiber and Heart Health

Researchers show that mice harboring the butyrate-producing bacteria Roseburia eating a high-fiber diet suffered from less atherosclerosis
Projections for the growth of the liquid biopsy market range as low as $1 billion by 2020

10 Liquid Biopsy Companies in the Money

10 privately-held diagnostics developers primarily focused on liquid biopsy tests, ranked by total money raised from venture capital firms.
Nanome is among 2018 winners of Bio-IT World’s Best of Show Awards for NanoPro (pictured)

Seven Companies Honored with Bio-IT World Best of Show Awards

The seven winners leverage a variety of IT technologies including artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and cloud computing
Coronavirus structure

Prophylactic Treatment Could Block SARS-CoV-2 Transmission

A prophylactic lipopeptide treatment, given to ferrets two days before they were co-housed with SARS-CoV-2-infected animals, prevented transmission of the virus to the treated ferrets.
Theme diabetes.the man whose glucose was measured by going to the home of healthcare professionals. It uses the technology of an instrument for measuring the level of glucose in the blood

Diabetic Patients at Higher Risk for COVID-19 Mortality

Mechanisms that may increase COVID-19 susceptibility for diabetics include a higher affinity of cellular binding and efficient virus entry; decreased viral clearance in the blood stream; diminished T cell function; increased susceptibility to hyper-inflammation and cytokine storm syndrome; and the presence of cardiovascular disease.
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