Addressing Challenges of NGS Data Interpretation for Hematologic Malignancies

Sponsor: QIAGEN. This groundbreaking webinar will discuss how NGS technologies have aided clinicians in the diagnosis and treatment of hematologic cancer.
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Akers Biosciences Enters JV to Market Rapid Diagnostic Tests in China

Akers Biosciences inked a joint venture agreement with Hainan Savy Investment Management to research, develop, produce, and sell certain Akers’ rapid diagnostic screening and...
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Cancer Outcomes Improved through Personalized Medicine, Says New Study

Researchers report that approaches using precision medicine for cancer treatment, showed improved response and longer periods of remission.
Royal Philips has introduced IntelliSpace Portal 10

Philips Unveils Expanded Visualization Platform, Leads Liquid Biopsy/MRI Consortium in Winning EU Grant

Royal Philips launches next-gen IntelliSpace Portal 10 platform and leads liquid biopsy/MRI consortium in winning $7.5M from EU
Patients are often reluctant to undergo colonoscopy. [iStock/Wicki58]

Case Study: Innovation in Molecular Diagnostics Changes the Game in Cancer Screening

Colorectal cancer is the second-leading cause of death (behind only lung cancer) among men and women in the United States; 49,700 people are expected...
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Bio-Techne Takes Minority Stake in Diagnostics Maker Astute Medical

Astute gains wider access to Bio-Techne's antibody and protein libraries, and Bio-Techne receives manufacturing rights for future products.
Nightingale Health

Nightingale Health Wins €20M in EU Financing Toward Platform Development

Company aims to improve prediction of chronic disorders from a single blood sample by measuring more than 220 blood metabolic biomarkers.
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100,000 Genomes Project Hits its Mark

Launched in 2012 by then Prime Minister David Cameron, the project is the centerpiece of NHS's Genomic Medicine Service unveiled in October
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Sarah Cannon Gets Precision Medicine Cloud Platform with Genospace Merger

Genospace's cloud-based precision medicine tools will allow Sarah Cannon to more effectively match patients with targeted clinical trials.
A big data approach to compare patient tumors with how cancer cell lines respond to drugs has signficant implications for the future of precision cancer treatment.  [Spencer Phillips/European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI)]

Big Data Comparison of Patient Tumors, Cancer Cell Lines Suggest Potential Precision Therapies

Big data reveals overlapping genetic mutations in cancer cell lines and patient tumors that may help advance precision cancer treatment.
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