Dozens of Genetic Links to Sleep Patterns Found

The genome-wide association study found 47 links between our genetic code and the quality, quantity, and timing of how we sleep, including ten linked with sleep duration and 26 with sleep quality.

Immune System Gene Could Be Prognostic Marker for CRC

The gene, CCR4, was present in higher levels in patients with a good prognosis, even in those diagnosed with late stage colorectal cancer.

BGI Americas, AiLife Partner on Clinical WGS Diagnostics for Genetic Disorders

BGI Americas, the U.S. subsidiary of BGI Genomics, will partner with AiLife Diagnostics to jointly develop and market a clinical whole genome sequencing (WGS)...

Maternal Smoking During Pregnancy Epigenetically Linked to Offspring Obesity

Maternal smoking during pregnancy is known to increase the risk of obesity in offspring later in life, but the mechanisms underpinning that relationship haven’t...
Array of blood samples for microscopy

Consortium’s New Liquid Biopsy Method Shows Promising Results in NSCLC

The researchers used Illumina’s “ultra-deep” next-generation sequencing of cell-free DNA (cfDNA) to accurately detect variants from any of 37 genes commonly associated with lung cancer.

VA Medical Center Partners with Anixa on Study of AI-Based Liquid Biopsy in Prostate...

Anixa Biosciences said today that for its ongoing study assessing the effectiveness of its Cchek artificial intelligence (AI)-based liquid biopsy in prostate cancer, the...
Lucence Diagnostics will partner with a Stanford University researcher to develop AI algorithms designed to improve the diagnosis and treatment of liver cancer. [Lucence Diagnostics]

Lucence, Stanford Researcher to Develop AI Algorithms for Liver Cancer Treatment

Partners to evaluate dataset of 5,000+ patients, seeking to identify image changes and patterns linked to diagnostic and treatment outcomes.
BGI Genomics plans to commercialize Natera’s Signatera molecular residual disease (MRD) test in China

BGI Genomics to Commercialize Natera’s Signatera Assay in China

Signatera’s methodology differs from current liquid biopsy tests, which test for a fixed panel of therapeutically relevant genes
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UK Biobank Study Reveals Gene Variants with Clinical Implications

Exome sequencing of 49,960 patients from UK Biobank reveals rare and novel gene variants associated with individual disease traits and risk
Genomics Medicine Ireland (GMI) and University College Dublin (UCD) said they will partner to examine the relationship between genetic variation and human disease in up to 10% of the Irish population. [© beawolf/Fotolia]

Partners to Explore Genetics-Disease Link in 10% of Ireland’s Population

Research program to study more than 60 diseases, including multiple sclerosis, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, and Alzheimer’s
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