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10 Countries in 100K Genome Club

These ten governments have committed funding for projects that will sequence a minimum of 100,000 citizens to spur genomic medicine
The NIH’s National Cancer Institute (NCI)

NCI’s Lung-MAP Expands to Include Patients with All Types of NSCLC

Agency says thousands of new patients could enroll in Lung Cancer Master Protocol, previously limited to advanced squamous cell lung cancer

Dozens of Genetic Links to Sleep Patterns Found

The genome-wide association study found 47 links between our genetic code and the quality, quantity, and timing of how we sleep, including ten linked with sleep duration and 26 with sleep quality.

Thermo Fisher, NX Prenatal to Develop NIPT Proteomics Assays

Thermo Fisher Scientific will combine its liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) instrumentation with NX Prenatal’s NeXosome platform to develop proteomics assays designed to offer noninvasive...

BGI Americas, AiLife Partner on Clinical WGS Diagnostics for Genetic Disorders

BGI Americas, the U.S. subsidiary of BGI Genomics, will partner with AiLife Diagnostics to jointly develop and market a clinical whole genome sequencing (WGS)...
Array of blood samples for microscopy

Consortium’s New Liquid Biopsy Method Shows Promising Results in NSCLC

The researchers used Illumina’s “ultra-deep” next-generation sequencing of cell-free DNA (cfDNA) to accurately detect variants from any of 37 genes commonly associated with lung cancer.
Colon cancer. Cancer attacking cell. Colon disease concept

CRC Evades Immunotherapies by Regulating Expression of Cell Surface Molecule

CRC tumors can switch off expression of a cell surface molecule that is a key target of immunotherapy, thus preventing the treatment from working.

Maternal Smoking During Pregnancy Epigenetically Linked to Offspring Obesity

Maternal smoking during pregnancy is known to increase the risk of obesity in offspring later in life, but the mechanisms underpinning that relationship haven’t...

Genomics England Reports Positive First Phase of Cancer ctDNA Study

Genomics England said it has generated positive results from the first phase of a collaboration with Inivata and Thermo Fisher Scientific designed to study...
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First AAV-Delivered Gene Therapy for Inherited Disease Approved by FDA

The FDA approval is the third for a gene therapy, but is the first approval for a treatment using adeno associated viral vector delivery
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