The huge amount of data generated with mass spectometry requires careful review by trained technicians. [iStock/poba]

The Spectrometer Brings Some Mass to the Clinic

Few other techniques in the laboratory so exquisitely blend the scientific fields of analytical chemistry, physics, and biology better than mass spectrometry (MS). Put...
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SomaGenics Nabs NIH Grant to Develop cfDNA Platform

RealSeq-DC builds on existing technology to allow researchers the ability to analyze and log short, single-stranded DNA fragments.
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Sequenom Collaborates with Moores Cancer Center on New Liquid Biopsy Assay

Sequenom agreed to a clinical research collaboration with the University of California, San Diego Moores Cancer Center. Moores will explore the utility of Sequenom's...
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Protein Breast Cancer Biomarker Indicates Likelihood of Recurrence, Mortality

The amount of the protein, NR2F1, present indicates whether a breast cancer patient will likely relapse and develop deadly bone metastases
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Natera Signs on to I-SPY 2 TRIAL For Breast Cancer Clinical Trial

Natera will test the efficacy of its cell-free DNA liquid biopsy test to monitor tumor burden, treatment response and residual disease.
MeMed founders Eran Eden

Israeli Company MeMed Seeks to Provide Fast Bacterial POC Diagnostics

ImmunoXpert has the potential to significantly reduce overprescribing antibiotics by quickly differentiating bacterial and viral infections
Newly developed technology enhances the sensitivity of liquid bipopsy methods [NIH]

Liquid Biopsy Sensitivity Dramatically Enhanced

Scientists develop method for minimizing DNA errors acquired when processing samples, generating extremely sensitive liquid biopsy technique
Epic Sciences plans to accelerate development of its liquid biopsy cancer tests

With $40M in Financing, Epic Sciences to Advance Liquid Biopsy Cancer Tests

Company also plans to enhance its proprietary No Cell Left Behind technology to include characterization of rare leukocyte cell populations.
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New Blood and Saliva Biomarkers Diagnose Traumatic Brain Injury

A study of mixed martial arts fighters discovered two biomarker signatures in the saliva and blood that diagnoses TBI with 90% accuracy
Predicine and Flagship Biosciences will partner to provide complimentary and comprehensive biomarker for immuno-oncology clinical trials

Predicine, Flagship Launch Immuno-Oncology Biomarker Profiling Partnership

Collaboration to combine Predicine’s GeneRADAR molecular insights platform with Flagship’s AI-enabled cTA digital pathology platform.
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