Data Medicine

Clinical Combinations

Clinicians pursue combining genotypes with phenotypes to provide more precise healthcare.
Human microbiome, conceptual illustration

Novel Microbiome Data Search Method Aids Disease Diagnosis

Search method’s two-step process to identify disease first searches a baseline database of healthy individuals to detect any specific microbiome outlier novelty, then searches for that outlier in a database of disease-specific examples.

New Prostate Cancer Analytic Approach Distinguishes Between Aggressive and Less Aggressive Forms of the...

The new study shows how the number of aggressive cells in a tumor sample defines how quickly the disease will progress and spread and also reveals three new subtypes of prostate cancer that could be used to stratify patients for different treatments.
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Seven Bridges Launches Genomic, Phenotypic Data Platform Targeted to Drug Developers

According to Seven Bridges, ARIA addresses what the company says is a lack of tools available in the market that allow easy interoperability of disparate data at this scale.
doctor reading cancer results

Precision Oncology Company OncoDNA Closes $20M Series B Financing

OncoDNA said the financing is designed to support rapid international growth, accelerate software development, and carry out hiring initiatives.

Takeda Invests in Patient-Centric Health Data Company Seqster

The investment allows Seqster to ramp up development of its technology which streamlines patient recruitment for clinical trials by matching consenting patients based on their EHR, genomic, and real-time digital data delivered by wearable monitoring devices.
Senior woman losing parts of head feeling confused as symbol of decreased mind function.

Alzheimer’s Disease Development May Be Thwarted by Certain Gene Variants

The researchers used their method to analyze DNA from 4,600 AD patients and 6,100 controls, using a method for weighted burden analysis of all variants within a gene, which assigns more weight to variants that are rare, and to those that are predicted to have a functional effect.
Autism spectrum disorder, conceptual illustration

102 New Autism Genes Mapped

In this most recent ASC study, researchers mapped the genes of 35,584 individuals, of whom 11,986 had autism, to determine how many times each gene is affected by variants with protein disrupting consequences.
Pneumococcal pneumonia, illustration

Applying Predictive Modeling to Pneumococcal Vaccine Design Could Halve Disease Occurrence

Scientists at the Wellcome Sanger Institute, Simon Fraser University in Canada, and Imperial College London combined genomic data, models of bacterial evolution, and predictive modeling to identify how vaccines could be optimized for specific age groups, geographic regions, and different communities of bacteria.
DNAnexus and Saphetor will partner to build a genomic analysis solution designed to advance precision medicine by combining the former’s cloud-based platform and the latter’s technology

LifeOmic to Deploy IU-based Healthy Breast Tissue Bank Data on the Cloud

LifeOmic and the Komen Tissue Bank will work together to deploy a Virtual Tissue Bank onto a secure, cloud-based platform to enable researchers around the world to query an extended data model including whole-genome sequencing data.
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