Big Data Sharing Key to Saving Cancer Patients

Sharing of genetic information from millions of cancer patients around the world could be key to revolutionizing cancer prevention and care.

Lack of Diverse Ancestry Data Hinders Polygenic Risk Scores

A new study shows PRSs developed by studying Europeans do a better job at predicting disease risk for people of European ancestry than for those of other ancestries
The NIH has promoted its All of Us Research program in part through a traveling exhibit that is visiting communities across the country. On Sunday

NIH’s All of Us Research Program Gears Up for National Launch

In addition to enrolling 1 million-plus participants, All of Us aims to 'oversample' communities underrepresented in past research
Qiagen will incorporate into its bioinformatics portfolio Sentieon DNAseq and Sentieon TNseq software for germline and somatic variant calling. [Getty Images]

Qiagen Integrates Sentieon Variant Calling Software Into Bioinformatics Portfolio

Later this year, Qiagen plans to begin offering customers Sentieon DNAseq and Sentieon TNseq for germline and somatic variant calling
Saphetor and Genomenon have agreed to share genomic variant data between their software platforms

Saphetor, Genomenon Share Genomic Variant Data on Their Platforms

The partnership enables sharing of data between Saphetor’s and Genomenon’s Mastermind Genomic Search Engine.
Clinical OMICs Magazine: Volume 2

Future Cancer Care: Anticipating “Panomics” with Bioinformatics

In 2009 Mark Boguski and colleagues published a paper entitled “Customized care 2020: how medical sequencing and network biology will enable personalized medicine.” In...
Source: tommaso79/Getty Images

Biomarkers for Sleep-Deprived Drivers Identified via Machine Learning Algorithm

Researchers have developed a blood test to identify a subset of 68 genes that indicate whether a person is sleep deprived or well rested
Source: Stocktrek Images/Getty Images

NIH Grants $6.5M to New Biological Systems Modeling Consortium

Headed by Jonathan Karr of the Icahn Institute, the group will develop predictive models of biological systems to guide precision medicine
GNS Healthcare has raised $6 million from Amgen Ventures

GNS Healthcare Lands $6M to Further Develop REFS Platform

Amgen Ventures leads $6 million funding round to help develop causal machine learning and simulation AI platform for personalized medicine
Human Longevity’s acquisition of Cypher Genomics adds human genomic interpretation software solutions to its offerings. [iStock/Wavebreakmedia]

Human Longevity Acquires Cypher Genomics

Human Longevity Inc. (HLI) said today it has acquired Cypher Genomics for an undisclosed price, in a deal that adds human genomic interpretation software...
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