Taproot Health Launches National Oncology Database to Advance Precision Medicine

Taproot has announced an initial five Cornerstone Centers, including three NCI-designated Cancer Centers, that have agreed to work together to provide a high volume of regulatory-grade data to advance precision oncology care.
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Sophia Genetics Granted CE-IVD Mark for Leukemia Genomic Test

The company says its test is the first capture-based myeloid genomic test to receive a CE-IVD mark

DNAnexus Wins $58M Financing, Attracts Microsoft as a New Investor

DNAnexus said the funding will support continued expansion in clinical trials and deployment of its Translational Informatics Suite
Seqster's health data management platform will be integrated with Scripps Research Translational Institute (SRTI)’s MyGeneRank app in a collaboration designed to promote better healthcare decisions by app users through tracking of medications and lifestyle modifications. [Source: Scripps Research Translational Institute]

Seqster, Scripps Research Translational Institute to Study Data Impact on Healthcare Decisions

The partners will integrate Seqster's health data management platform with Scripps Research Translational Institute (SRTI)’s MyGeneRank app.
The use of big data often depends on computational clouds to provide the processing power and storage

From DNA to Diagnosis without Delay

The world’s first processor expressly designed to perform secondary analysis of next-generation sequencing data is relieving the bottleneck between sequencing and practical application. Setting...
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NorthShore Taps Sema4 in Launch of System-Wide Genomics Program

Already a leader among U.S. health systems in using genomics to guide care, the strategic alliance between NorthShore and Sema4 will significantly expand NorthShore’s existing clinical genomics offerings to more than 1,000 physicians and approximately 300,000 NorthShore patients.
CancerLinQ says its new partnership with the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) is intended to draw upon the Society’s expertise and thought leadership.(Source: iStock/KatarzynaBialasiewicz)

CancerLinQ Expands Alliance with Oncology Nursing Society

New partnership comes two months after CancerLinQ and ONS launch CancerLinQ Ambassadors Program, a national practice engagement initiative.
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A New Approach to Sharing Patient Data and Maintaining Privacy

In the new approach, patients are provided an additional informed consent document regarding sharing their information that research participants can choose to sign. This additional, or special consent, is additive to the standard informed consent papers required for participating in a research project.
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Clinical Bioinformatics Partnership Formed by AstraZeneca, Univ. of Manchester

AstraZeneca and The University of Manchester today said they would partner to deliver personalized healthcare for cancer patients through the use of clinical bioinformatics. Under...
Freenome’s artificial intelligence (AI) genomics platform

Deep Learning Predicts Disease-Associated Mutations

For the first time, a deep-learning approach has been used to predict disease-associated metal-relevant site mutations in metalloproteins, providing a new platform to tackle human diseases.