Biometric data from higi will be integrated with clinical

Interpreta, higi Partner to Integrate and Interpret Healthcare Data

Biometric data from higi will be integrated with clinical, claims and genomic data from Interpreta under the companies' partnership
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GNS Health to Apply AI in Amgen Metastatic CRC Trial

GNS will collaborate with Amgen and The Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology to apply causal AI and simulation to clinical trial data
The same metabolic pathway can produce different results in different bodily tissues. A Rice University algorithm is designed to find those differences. [Schultz/Qutub Lab

Big Data Used to Distinguish Tissue-Specific Metabolic Pathways

Computational method promises to improve modeling of tissue-specific metabolic pathways.
Zephyr applications can display recommendations that are supported by predictive analytics.

Innovator: Biobusiness Sees Clearly through the Cloud

Zephyr Health’s Insight as a Service platform focuses on actionable results for life sciences companies.
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Sema4, Mt. Sinai Collaborate with Sanofi on Asthma Study

In addition to traditional data, the study will collect immunological, environmental, and mobile sensor data for advanced modeling of asthma

Up to Code: Geisinger’s MyCode Genomics Data Brings Power to Precision Medicine and...

Geisinger’s MyCode Genomics Data Brings Power to Precision Medicine and Research

Big Data Sharing Key to Saving Cancer Patients

Sharing of genetic information from millions of cancer patients around the world could be key to revolutionizing cancer prevention and care.

Community Organizing Meets the Clinic

The “Father of Modern Medicine” is also the father of patient registries. Hippocrates (c. 460 BC–c. 370 BC) urged doctors to record the symptoms...
Seamless pattern of hand drawn faces of various ethnicities

Study of Multiethnic Groups Reveals 27 New Disease-Associated Variants

Researchers analyzed DNA from nearly 50,000 people of non-European decent and found 27 new genetic variants associated with chronic diseases, including high blood pressure,...
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Clinical Genomics Data Company Phosphorous Launches with $10M Series A Financing

The company's stated goal is to create an environment "where every healthcare decision is optimized by genomics."
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