New Prostate Cancer Risk Factors Uncovered by Broad, Diverse Data Study

The researchers showed that men of African ancestry inherit about twice the prostate cancer risk on average compared to men of European ancestry. In contrast, men of Asian ancestry inherit about three-quarters the risk of their white counterparts.
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Feasibility Study Finds Informative Digital Biomarkers of Dementia

Combining wearable devices, handheld devices and digital apps lets researchers tell the difference between people with early dementia and those without it.
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Sophia Genetics to Collaborate with GE Healthcare to Advance Precision Cancer Care

Swiss big data firm Sophia Genetics partners with U.S. medtech giant GE Healthcare to use AI and big-data analytics to advance precision oncology.
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Full Human Genomes of 64 Individuals Sequenced in Landmark Study

This new data was obtained using a combination of advanced sequencing and mapping technologies. Importantly, each of the genomes was assembled without guidance from the first human genome composite. As a result, the new dataset captures genetic differences from different human populations.
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NorthShore Taps Sema4 in Launch of System-Wide Genomics Program

Already a leader among U.S. health systems in using genomics to guide care, the strategic alliance between NorthShore and Sema4 will significantly expand NorthShore’s existing clinical genomics offerings to more than 1,000 physicians and approximately 300,000 NorthShore patients.
Seamless pattern of hand drawn faces of various ethnicities

Study of Multiethnic Groups Reveals 27 New Disease-Associated Variants

Researchers analyzed DNA from nearly 50,000 people of non-European decent and found 27 new genetic variants associated with chronic diseases, including high blood pressure,...
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Tempus Attracts $200M in Series F Financing, Bringing Total Raised to $510M

Tempus, a precision medicine technology company focused on collecting and analyzing molecular and clinical data, has raised $200 million in Series F financing, bringing...
Ali Sarrami-Foroushani and Michael MacRaild, two coauthors on the Nature Communications paper with Alejandro Frangi, based at the University of Leeds.

Replace, Reduce, Refine: In-Silico Trials in The Spotlight

Recent regulatory changes and the global pandemic have highlighted the need for exploring 'in-silico' trials, carried out on virtual populations, as a way to speed up and reduce costs of drug and medical device development, while still maintaining accuracy.
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Microsoft AI Grant Helps Mount Sinai Establish COVID-19 Data Science Center

The new center seeks to provide Mount Sinai with data analytic solutions to combat current and future threats of COVID-19, as well as rapidly develop digital health products with real-time predictive and preventive capabilities.
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Applying Predictive Modeling to Pneumococcal Vaccine Design Could Halve Disease Occurrence

Scientists at the Wellcome Sanger Institute, Simon Fraser University in Canada, and Imperial College London combined genomic data, models of bacterial evolution, and predictive modeling to identify how vaccines could be optimized for specific age groups, geographic regions, and different communities of bacteria.