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Study of Multiethnic Groups Reveals 27 New Disease-Associated Variants

Researchers analyzed DNA from nearly 50,000 people of non-European decent and found 27 new genetic variants associated with chronic diseases, including high blood pressure,...

Clinical Trials Data Partnership Joins Verily with Pharma Giants

Verily Life Sciences, the healthcare subsidiary of Google parent Alphabet, said today it will partner with four pharma giants—Novartis, Otsuka Pharmaceutical, Pfizer, and Sanofi—to...
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Seven Bridges Launches Genomic, Phenotypic Data Platform Targeted to Drug Developers

According to Seven Bridges, ARIA addresses what the company says is a lack of tools available in the market that allow easy interoperability of disparate data at this scale.
Verge Genomics has raised $32 million in Series A financing toward further development of new treatments by combining machine learning and neuroscience with experimental biology. [Source: kentoh/Getty Images]

Novartis, with Assist from Microsoft, Launches AI Innovation Lab

Novartis will establish an “AI innovation lab” designed to enable its research and commercial employees to use Microsoft’s artificial intelligence solutions across operations, with...
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Seven Bridges Expands into Serbia

Seven Bridges, a biomedical software and data analytics company, plans to expand operations into Novi Sad, Serbia, to meet growing demand for its products and services.
GNS and Swedish Cancer Institute launch collaboration aimed at advancing the use of precision medicine in care for breast cancer patients. [Source: © Arto/]

AI IDs Five New Breast Cancer Subtypes that May Aid Precision Treatments

Scientists headed by a team at the Institute of Cancer Research, London (ICR) have used artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to discover...
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Polygenic Risk Score May Predict Stress-Induced Depression

While the tool is far from ready for common use, it suggests the potential to personalize depression prevention and identification of those who might be most vulnerable, or most resilient, to stress.
Illumina has acquired Edico Genome

Illumina Acquires Edico Genome

Deal enables Illumina to add Edico’s data analysis acceleration solutions to its portfolio of next-generation sequencing offerings

SOPHiA Genetics Completes $110M Series F Financing

Proceeds from the financing will allow SOPHiA to embark upon the next stage of its planned global expansion, aimed at satisfying growing clinical and biopharma demand for secure data pooling and knowledge sharing for healthcare professionals.


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