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The Age of Patient Big Data

When the pandemic heated up early last year, the UK Biobank set out to urgently gather data on COVID-19 diagnostic tests, deaths, and hospitals...
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AI Model Effectively Identifies People with Probable FH

The FH Foundation, a research and advocacy organization focused on familial hypercholesterolemia (FH), published a study today showing that a machine learning model it...
Verge Genomics has raised $32 million in Series A financing toward further development of new treatments by combining machine learning and neuroscience with experimental biology. [Source: kentoh/Getty Images]

Novartis, with Assist from Microsoft, Launches AI Innovation Lab

Novartis will establish an “AI innovation lab” designed to enable its research and commercial employees to use Microsoft’s artificial intelligence solutions across operations, with...

Clinical Trials Data Partnership Joins Verily with Pharma Giants

Verily Life Sciences, the healthcare subsidiary of Google parent Alphabet, said today it will partner with four pharma giants—Novartis, Otsuka Pharmaceutical, Pfizer, and Sanofi—to...
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Seven Bridges Launches Genomic, Phenotypic Data Platform Targeted to Drug Developers

According to Seven Bridges, ARIA addresses what the company says is a lack of tools available in the market that allow easy interoperability of disparate data at this scale.
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Sophia Genetics to Collaborate with GE Healthcare to Advance Precision Cancer Care

Swiss big data firm Sophia Genetics partners with U.S. medtech giant GE Healthcare to use AI and big-data analytics to advance precision oncology.

New Prostate Cancer Risk Factors Uncovered by Broad, Diverse Data Study

The researchers showed that men of African ancestry inherit about twice the prostate cancer risk on average compared to men of European ancestry. In contrast, men of Asian ancestry inherit about three-quarters the risk of their white counterparts.
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Polygenic Risk Score May Predict Stress-Induced Depression

While the tool is far from ready for common use, it suggests the potential to personalize depression prevention and identification of those who might be most vulnerable, or most resilient, to stress.
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NorthShore Taps Sema4 in Launch of System-Wide Genomics Program

Already a leader among U.S. health systems in using genomics to guide care, the strategic alliance between NorthShore and Sema4 will significantly expand NorthShore’s existing clinical genomics offerings to more than 1,000 physicians and approximately 300,000 NorthShore patients.
New data describes the economic impact of genomic sequencing procedures. [NIH]

Microsoft, Jackson Labs Collaboration Creates Precision Medicine Database

The collaboration will curate JAX’s Clinical Knowledgebase (CKB), a searchable database where subject matter experts store, sort, and interpret complex genomic and other data that can be used to improve patient outcomes.