NanoView Biosciences has closed on a $10 million Series B financing

Seqster Raises $12M in Series A Financing

The financing will help fund continued development of its healthcare data platform that integrates electronic medical record (EHR), individual genomic profile, and personal health device data.

Genomics England Appoints AI Specialist Chris Wigley as CEO

Chris Wigley, a former McKinsey executive known for applying machine-learning and artificial-intelligence technology to transform performance, has been appointed Chief Executive Officer for Genomics...
The NIH has promoted its All of Us Research program in part through a traveling exhibit that is visiting communities across the country. On Sunday

NIH’s All of Us Research Program Gears Up for National Launch

In addition to enrolling 1 million-plus participants, All of Us aims to 'oversample' communities underrepresented in past research

OneOncology Forms Cancer Clinical Trial SMO Subsidiary

The OneOncology Research Network (OneR), a subsidiary of OneOncology, will provide operational, regulatory, and research support services with the aim of more efficiently executing multi-center clinical trials.
DNA Binary

Illumina, Emedgene Partnership to Automate AI-Driven Data Analysis for Rare Diseases

The companies say that through AI-enhanced interrogation of medical literature and phenotypes associated with rare disease, researchers will be better able to make new and unexpected discoveries based on rare disease data.
Electronic Health Record

Irish Researchers Integrate Epilepsy Genomics into Electronic Patient Records

Researchers in Ireland are one step closer to offering seamless personalized care to epilepsy patients nationwide, reporting that they have developed a genomics module...
Gemome Sequence Map

Big Data and Clinical Genomics

Progress Is Being Made Toward Using Big Data for Genomics-Guided Precision Medicine Precision medicine springs from a paradox. On the one hand, researchers in the...

Flatiron Health, Foundation Medicine Publish Study Validating Clinico-Genomic Database

The study validates that real-world data obtained from routine clinical care to create a multi-institution clinico-genomic database can yield clinically meaningful insights.
Illumina has acquired Edico Genome

Illumina Acquires Edico Genome

Deal enables Illumina to add Edico’s data analysis acceleration solutions to its portfolio of next-generation sequencing offerings
Depressed woman with head in hands

Polygenic Risk Score May Predict Stress-Induced Depression

While the tool is far from ready for common use, it suggests the potential to personalize depression prevention and identification of those who might be most vulnerable, or most resilient, to stress.