An example of the annotation provided by a new software tool for RNA secondary structure researchers. [Source: David Hendrix/OSU College of Science]

RNA Gets Big-Data-Enabled Structural Analysis and Annotation Tool

The tool's in-depth analysis of RNA molecules will provide better information of the connections between mutant genetic material and disease
Clinicians devoted to precision oncology are as effective as their computational infrastructure is robust. [Rbhavana/Deposit Photos]

Beyond the Sequence

Whether they are concerned with a mutation of a single gene, or mutations in a combination of two or more genes, today’s oncologists look...
More than 5.5 million people have signed up for a higi account offering an all-in-one biometric and activity data feed for personal health management and information sharing with friends

Interpreta and higi Eye Healthcare ‘Roadmaps’ Using Patient Data Collected at Grocers, Pharmacies

Biometric data from higi will be integrated with data from Interpreta under a partnership designed to create "roadmaps" for patients.
Source: Dong Wenjie/Getty Images

GNS Health to Apply AI in Amgen Metastatic CRC Trial

GNS will collaborate with Amgen and The Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology to apply causal AI and simulation to clinical trial data
Google Cloud plans to host WuXi NextCODE’s core suite of capabilities and make them available through the Google Cloud Launcher marketplace. [WuXi NextCODE]

WuXi NextCODE, Google Cloud Launch Genomics Partnership

Google Cloud plans to host WuXi NextCODE’s core suite of capabilities and make them available through the Google Cloud Launcher marketplace
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Sequencing Builds Data Bridges to the Clinic

As the costs of WES and WGS methods approach those of the currently cheaper NGS panels, new challenges will confront clinical scientists
DNA strand and Cancer Cell

Salk Study Determines Most Common Genetic Mutations in Cancer

While many studies have identified the mutations involved in certain cancers, no one had ever combined the data in a way that could reveal which mutations are most common in the entire cancer patient population.
Clinical OMICs Magazine: Volume 1

Translating Next-Gen Sequencing from the Lab to the Clinic: Challenges and Solutions

In this webinar, our presenters will cover several approaches aimed at streamlining the application of genomics data.
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American Heart Association, Duke Forge AI-centered Precision Medicine Alliance

The cardiovascular health alliance will study how big data is managed, harmonized, and leveraged in the secondary analysis of clinical data
Researchers are being overwhelmed by sequencing data that is accumulating far faster than it be can analyzed. The resulting  information log jam has the scientists scrambling for solutions. [iStock/isak55]

The Big Data Addiction—NGS Has It Bad

Genomics has an obsession, and it’s called Big Data. However, unlike other obsessions, this one will probably not ruin anyone’s life—maybe only a few...