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Hitachi, ZS Genetics to Partner on “Third-Generation” Sequencing Technology Commercialization

ZS' technology employs electron microscopy for reads of 50,000 plus base pairs, reduces sampling which may lower informatics and data costs.
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Rocking the Baseline: Verily, Duke, and Stanford Aim to Make Medicine More Predictive with...

The companies announced they'll launch a new longitudinal baseline study to provide a platform for further genomic and lifestyle research.
Deep Genomics is working on an integrated computational system designed to learn

Innovator: Deep Learning Gets to the Bottom of Disease

A computer system developed by Deep Genomics can mimic how cells read DNA to sustain life. It can also show what happens within cells...

iSpecimen Initiates Data Connector Program Linking Providers to Researchers

iSpecimen has launched a data connector program designed to help healthcare providers offer their biospecimens to researchers more easily
WuXi NextCODE has successfully completed a $240 million Series B financing

WuXi NextCODE Completes $240M Series B Financing

WuXi NextCODE has successfully completed a $240 million Series B financing, planning in part to further extend its platform infrastructure.
Attendees of the Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP) 2017 Annual Meeting

RTI International to Advance PierianDx Clinical Genomics Platform

RTI plans undisclosed investment in PierianDx, as well as strategic support toward advancing adoption of its cloud-based platform.
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Single Genetic Variant Associated with Cannabis Abuse

Researchers from the Danish psychiatric project (iPSYCH) report that they have found a specific gene that is associated with an increased risk of cannabis...
Ali Sarrami-Foroushani and Michael MacRaild, two coauthors on the Nature Communications paper with Alejandro Frangi, based at the University of Leeds.

Replace, Reduce, Refine: In-Silico Trials in The Spotlight

Recent regulatory changes and the global pandemic have highlighted the need for exploring 'in-silico' trials, carried out on virtual populations, as a way to speed up and reduce costs of drug and medical device development, while still maintaining accuracy.
Centogene’s CentoMD® rare disease variant database will be integrated into Qiagen’s bioinformatics suite in a rare disease bioinformatics collaboration by the companies. [Source: alengo/Getty]

Multiomics Data Analysis Identifies Cancers’ Genetic Vulnerabilities

Gene dependency relationships, including synthetic lethality, may produce cancer ‘Achilles heels’; a Belfast-based team has designed a program to look for these vulnerabilities which was very effective at finding them in a range of different cancer cells and tissues.
The use of big data often depends on computational clouds to provide the processing power and storage

From DNA to Diagnosis without Delay

The world’s first processor expressly designed to perform secondary analysis of next-generation sequencing data is relieving the bottleneck between sequencing and practical application. Setting...