Promega to Develop MSI Technology as CDx to Merck’s Keytruda

Promega’s MSI testing is designed to functionally measure the genomic accumulation of insertion or deletion (INDEL) errors caused by a deficient mismatch-repair system (dMMR) that occurs in certain types of solid tumors.
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8 Companion Diagnostic Developers Making a Mark

If companion diagnostics (CDx) were people, they would be old enough to drink. The first CDx won FDA approval in 1998, when Dako Denmark...

Blood Test that Measures Expression of 5,000 Proteins Shows Potential as Disease Screening Tool

Researchers scanned 5,000 proteins in single blood plasma samples taken from 16,894 participants to simultaneously capture the individualized imprints of current health status, and incident risk of cardiometabolic diseases such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke,and heart failure.
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Your Epigenome Might Make You a Couch Potato

A new study shows that the difference between those who are drawn to exercise versus those who find it hard to find motivation for it may be held in the epigenetic control of the expression of certain genes.

Abu Dhabi Population Genomics Project to Use Oxford Nanopore’s PromethION

The genomes of 100,000 people will be sequenced during the first phase of Abu Dhabi’s Population Genome Program, an initiative designed to promote personalized medicine by applying insights to healthcare.
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Potential Vaccination for Chronic Diseases Caused by GI Inflammation Targets Gut Microbiome

The findings could feasibly lead to the development of a new way to vaccinate against diseases associated with chronic inflammation of the digestive tract, such as inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), as well as protect against obesity and metabolic syndrome.
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10 Countries in 100K Genome Club

These ten governments have committed funding for projects that will sequence a minimum of 100,000 citizens to spur genomic medicine
Freenome’s artificial intelligence (AI) genomics platform

Caris Life Sciences, Ambry Genetics Team on New Hereditary Cancer Panel

Ambry Genetics’ 67-gene CancerNext Expanded panel to evaluate hereditary risks for cancer will now be available combined with Caris’ somatic (tumor) tests that analyze a cancer’s detailed molecular makeup.

Qiagen, DiaSorin Launch Automated Workflow for QFT-Plus in U.S. Following FDA Approval

QFT-Plus is designed to offer streamlined laboratory automation for latent TB screening, supporting conversion from century-old tuberculin skin tests to fourth-generation blood-based QuantiFERON technology.
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Penn Team Finds Genetic Variant Largely Found in Patients of African Descent that Increases...

The genetic variant found in about 3% of individuals of African ancestry is a more significant cause of heart failure than previously believed, which also revealed that a disease caused by this genetic variant, called hereditary transthyretin amyloid cardiomyopathy (hATTR-CM), is significantly under-recognized and underdiagnosed.
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