One of the major scientific crusades in oncology has been to identify and validate biomarkers associated with recurrent breast cancer. [iStock / royaltystockphoto]

Agendia Reports Positive Results in IMPACt Trial for Breast Cancer

MammaPrint and BluePrint reclassified 40% of pathologically subtyped tumors, highlighting the need for an individualized, molecular subtyping profile in early stage breast cancer diagnosing for patients.

Somatic Mutations at Root of Some Cancers Apparent Years Before Onset

The findings suggest that tumor development can span the entire lifetime of an individual, so the mutations that initiate cancer progression may arise decades before diagnosis.
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FDA Issues Draft Guidance on LDTs

The FDA today issued draft guidance detailing its plans for regulating laboratory-developed tests (LDTs) that it deems as “high-risk” along the lines of Class...
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Initiative to Build Broader Asian Genomic Database Releases First Findings

The GenomeAsia 100K Consortium released the results of their examination of the genomes of 1,739 people from 219 different population groups in 64 countries across Asia. The findings shed light on the history of human migration and will potentially improve clinicians’ ability to diagnose and treat disease.

Portable Coronavirus Test Developed Using Microfluidics and a Cell Phone

The platform comprises a cartridge-housed microfluidic chip that carries out isothermal amplification of viral nucleic acids from nasal swab samples, which are then detected using the smartphone camera.
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MRI Better than APOE4 at Predicting Alzheimer’s Risk

Washington University School of Medicine researchers show 89% accuracy using MRI versus roughly 70% for APOE 4 gene testing
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Thermo Fisher Takes Aim at Clinical Mass Spec Market

The Cascadion SM Clinical Analyzer eyes a ripening market for mass spec in clinical labs, with commercial availability planned for 2018

Teamsters Health and Welfare Fund of Philadelphia Taps Color for Genomic Health Information

The genetic testing and associated services will help the 13,800 Fund members better understand their genetic risk for hereditary cancers, heart disease, and medication response.
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Whole-Exome Sequencing Technology Identifies Drug Resistance Gene in Testicular Cancer

A study, funded by the Movember Foundation and conducted by scientists at The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) in London, has revealed several genetic...
DxTerity’s goal is to make genomic testing a routine part of healthcare. Currently

Blood-Based Gene Expression Analysis Platform for Molecular Diagnostics

Genomic technologies enabling relatively simple, rapid, and costeffective high-throughput testing of RNA-based multiplexed signatures in blood samples would greatly facilitate wide-scale adoption of molecular diagnostic tests in clinical medicine. Tests like...
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