Single-gene testing just isn't adequate anymore

Why the Controversy? Start Sequencing Tumor Genes at Diagnosis

There are huge benefits to genomic tumor assessment, both for better treatment now, and later, if first-line treatments fail. But I don’t think many...
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Infectious Disease Dx Company DayZero Completes $8.6M Financing

The company uses next-generation sequencing data and machine learning to identify bacterial pathogens and drug resistance profiles
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Lost in LDTs

As the industry awaits word from the FDA, insiders ponder potential changes.
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Roche Steps into Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing Services Market with Ariosa Acquisition

Roche is acquiring Ariosa Diagnostics, a San Jose-based molecular diagnostics testing service provider that offers non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) through their CLIA laboratory using...
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Blood Test Identifies Preterm Birth Risk of Expectant Mothers

Stanford team IDs three sets of cfDNA in blood of pregnant women that measures risk of preterm delivery up to two months ahead of labor

Task Force Recommends Screening More Women for BRCA-Related Cancer

Women whose family histories include certain types of cancer, or an ancestry associated with BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutations, should be assessed for increased risk...
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First Nanopore Sequencing of Human Genome Reported

Using the MinION sequencer, the ultra-long reads allow researchers to close 12 gaps in the reference genome though accuracy issues remain
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Illumina Founding Scientist Leads NGS-Based Pathogen Detection Startup

Arc Bio launches Galileo AMR software to provide accurate annotations of gram-negative bacterial DNA sequences in less than five minutes

11 New Genes Linked to Epilepsy Discovered

An international team of researchers use a GWAS to identify the disease biomarkers which may be a fertile ground for therapy development
Sysmex says adding Oxford Gene Technologies' capabilities will reinforce its initiatives towards personalized medicine. (Source: © 4designersart/Fotolia)

Sysmex Expands Into Cytogenetics With Oxford Gene Technology Acquisition

By acquiring OGT, Sysmex said, it will expand into the cytogenetics market with both FISH and aCGH products
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