BGI Genomics and Sanguine BioSciences plan to develop a database combining genomic and clinical data to accelerate clinical recruitment

Precision Medicine Trial Database to be Developed by BGI Genomics, Sanguine

BGI and Sanguine BioSciences will develop a database combining genomic and clinical data, to accelerate clinical trials recruitment
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HitGen DNA-Encoded Libraries Platform to Aid Pfizer Drug Discovery

HitGen will screen its own libraries, consisting of 20 billion drug-like compounds, against a selected number of Pfizer therapeutic targets.
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Genes Associated With PTSD’s Re-experiencing Symptoms Found

Researchers studying nearly 147,000 veterans diagnosed with PTSD found that the disorder’s most characteristic symptom—re-experiencing—is associated with eight separate regions of the genome in...

Payer Policies not Sole Reason for Inconsistent Utilization of Genomic Testing

A report from the Personalized Medicine Coalition found significant variability in the use of genomic testing for patients not only from state to state, but also within states.
Figure 1. Overview of the bioinformatics steps for NGS sequencing data

Investigator-Completed NGS Data Analysis

While sequencing entire human genomes is an important achievement of next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology, many clinical research goals can be achieved by sequencing a...

Lightweight Algorithms Sail through RNA Sequencing Data

A flood of RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) data is already overwhelming existing systems for data analysis. And the waters are bound to keep rising, now...
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Study Confirms Clinical Utility of Qiagen NGS Reader

Qiagen's GeneReader NGS system confirmed for detecting gene variants clinically relevant in detecting colorectal cancer.
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FDA Announces Intention to Regulate LDTs as Devices

In 1992, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) first stated that it had authority to regulate laboratory-developed tests. On July 31, FDA took its...
Dendritic cell and T-lymphocytes, illustration

Johns Hopkins Researchers Refine TMB Calculations of Immunotherapy Response

The team developed a computational approach to estimate corrected TMB values for each tumor by simulating 20,000 tumors with various levels of TMB and sequencing coverage using information from the Cancer Genome Atlas to generate a correction factor for each simulated tumor based on its purity.
Tau protein in Alzheimer's disease, illustration

New Blood Test May Provide Early Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease

According to the new study, measurements of phospho-tau217 (p-tau217), one of the tau proteins found in tau tangles in the brain, could provide a sensitive and accurate indicator of plaques and tangles—corresponding to the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s—in living people.
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