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Extra Maternal DNA May Skew Prenatal Genetic Screens

Cell-free DNA from the maternal blood of a pregnant woman can throw clinicians a curve. Such DNA can indicate whether the genome of a...
BioreclamationIVT said today it has acquired Asterand Bioscience™ for an undisclosed price

Expanding Offerings to Clinical Dx Developers, BioreclamationIVT Acquires Asterand Bioscience

Buyer aims to expand services for developers of diagnostics and drugs by supporting clinical diagnostic assay development and testing
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Generation of Oncogenic Signatures Reveals Breast Cancer Susceptibility

Identifying functional oncogenic signatures could provide a rational plan for personalized cancer treatment using multiple targeted drugs.
Sequencing of RNA molecules

Could RNA Sequencing Become the Workhorse of Precision Medicine?

Advances in genomics over the past several years have had a profound impact on our grasp of molecular biology and genetics. In the laboratory, next-generation sequencing...
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Metabolite Signature to Diagnose Typhoid Fever Identified

Using mass spectrometry methods, the scientists created a predictive model for the disease based on metabolites found in the blood.
Cofactor Genomics is partnering with the NIH’s National Cancer Institute (NCI) and three unnamed academic and pharma institutions to demonstrate the clinical utility of the company’s recently-launched Cofactor Paragon

Cofactor Genomics, NCI to Demonstrate Clinical Utility of Paragon Assay

Partners will use Cofactor's RNA-based test in case studies to better understand immune profiles of patients with several forms of cancer
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Coffee Consumption Affects Cannabinoid Metabolism

The research shows how coffee affects a person's metabolism including the metabolism of steroids, and neurotransmitters linked to cannabis
One of the major scientific crusades in oncology has been to identify and validate biomarkers associated with recurrent breast cancer. [iStock / royaltystockphoto]

Case Study: Breast Cancer YAPI (Yet Another Prognostic Indicator) Revisited: ASCO Recommendations

Using biomarker assays guide decision-making processes and standardize clinical approaches for women with early-stage invasive breast cancer
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Genes Influence Birth Weight and Disease in Later Years

Genetic differences have been found that help to explain why some babies are born bigger or smaller than others.
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Researchers Develop Highly Sensitive PCR-Based Liquid Biopsy Cancer Dx

The single-color digital PCR technique used has the advantage of not relying on preamplification, which can introduce analytical errors
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