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$53M Grant to Fund New Skin Disease Research Center

Based at the University of Copenhagen, the center will research the skin's immune system, and identify and characterize skin proteins

Genetic Underpinnings for Migraines Uncovered

Many of the risk variants localize inside or close to genes that regulate the vascular system.
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Malware Could be Delivered to Sequencing Systems via Synthetic DNA

The team also analyzed open-source DNA-processing programs and found evidence of poor computer security practices thoughout the field
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Autism Risk Increased through Structural Variants Inherited from Dad

Researchers detail genetic variants inherited that do not alter genes directly, but instead disrupt the neighboring cis-regulatory elements
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Study Links Specific Gut Bacteria to Depression

The researchers combined fecal microbiome data with practitioner diagnoses of depression of 1,054 people in the Flemish Gut Flora Project
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Your Epigenome Might Make You a Couch Potato

A new study shows that the difference between those who are drawn to exercise versus those who find it hard to find motivation for it may be held in the epigenetic control of the expression of certain genes.
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Keeping the Beat

Researchers Find New Genetic Variants Linked to Atrial Fibrillation, Suggesting New Treatment Targets

10x Genomics More than Doubles Size of Planned IPO

10x Genomics disclosed today that it is more than doubling—and potentially tripling—the size of its planned $100 million initial public offering it disclosed last...
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Are Dogs the New Early Cancer Detection Tool?

A dog’s sense of smell—more than 10,000 times more sensitive than that of our own—has been exploited by humans for centuries. Whether it is...

RUNX Proteins Integral to Efficient DNA Repair

Researchers in Singapore have published new data showing that RUNX proteins are integral to DNA repair via the Fanconi Anemia (FA) pathway
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