A new assembly of the gorilla genome offers important biological insights into their evolution and how these primates differ from humans. [Alice C. Gray]

New Technology Aids in Completion of Gorilla Genome Sequence

Technical advances in reading long DNA sequences may have significant ramifications in understanding primate evolution and human disease.
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Paradigm Diagnostics Attracts Second Investor in B Round Financing

The $3 million investment from New Science Ventures will allow the company to speed adoption of it PCDx genomic profiling test.
Source: University of Colorado Cancer Center

When it Comes to Genomes, Always Check Your References

University of Colorado researchers discover sequencing results differ based on genetic background of reference genome.
Researchers at Keele University have developed SIFT-MS

Clinical Mass Spec Attains Critical Mass

Clinical applications for mass spectrometry technology have exploded in recent years. Mass spectrometry analysis is often faster, cheaper, and more sensitive than other methods...
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Shared Mutations Between Common and Rare Epilepsies Uncovered

New research indicates precision medicine-based therapy could apply to a wider range of epileptic disorders.
DxTerity’s goal is to make genomic testing a routine part of healthcare. Currently

Blood-Based Gene Expression Analysis Platform for Molecular Diagnostics

Genomic technologies enabling relatively simple, rapid, and costeffective high-throughput testing of RNA-based multiplexed signatures in blood samples would greatly facilitate wide-scale adoption of molecular diagnostic tests in clinical medicine. Tests like...
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Costs of Genome Sequencing in the Clinic Tend to Peak Early

When genomic sequencing is added to a patient’s care, the initial costs can be considerable, but they don’t appear to climb over time. For...
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Nevada Population Health Study to Include Genetic, Environmental Data

The pilot study will enroll 5,000 residents in an effort to better understand the role of genetics and environment in disease development.
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Genetics, Family History Linked to Pediatric Early-Onset Pancreatitis

Researchers at Seattle Children's Hospital found correlations between pancreatitis-associated genes and disease development before age 6.
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Human Longevity, Discovery to Offer Clients Sequencing, Analysis for $250

Human Longevity Inc. (HLI) will partner with Discovery to offer whole exome, whole genome, and cancer genome sequencing to the insurer's clients in South...
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