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DNA and RNA Sequencing Technique Offers Hope to Drug-Resistant Multiple Myeloma Patients

Researchers enhance DNA-focused methods with RNA-based drug repurposing and pathway analysis for more accurate patient-drug matching
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Lethal Viruses Hijack DNA-Damage Response, May Be Exploited for Cancer

Henipaviruses hijack a mechanism used by cells to counter DNA damage and prevent harmful mutations, important in diseases such as cancer
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Heart-Stopping Incidental Findings Are Often Non-Starters

Ominous-sounding news from a genomic test may actually be innocuous, so physicians may hesitate before they inform patients of questionable and potentially irrelevant results....

Alcohol’s Damage to Stem Cell DNA Boosts Risk of Cancer

MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology researchers uncover mechanisms that implicate damage to stem cell DNA by alcohol in certain cancers
The CVD space is an attractive segment wherein POC diagnostics finds significant utility. [© Alexander Raths -]

POC Diagnostics in the Cardiovascular Disease Space

The focus of this GEN Market & Tech Analysis report is to present some of our recent industry tracking of the point-of-care diagnostics (POCD)...
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The National Access Project for Cancer Testing

With unprecedented scientific advances over the last decade in genome sequencing, we now have an opportunity to make genomics testing a standard practice in...

Baby’s Microbiome Varies Based on Delivery Method

Babies born through vaginal delivery have different gut bacteria than those delivered by Caesarean, a new study reports. Scientists from the Wellcome Sanger Institute,...
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Genetics, Family History Linked to Pediatric Early-Onset Pancreatitis

Researchers at Seattle Children's Hospital found correlations between pancreatitis-associated genes and disease development before age 6.
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Two Independently Drawn Maps of the Human Proteome Show Similar Contours

The history of science is replete with instances of multiple discovery—the more or less simultaneous announcement of essentially the same breakthrough by independent researchers....
The same metabolic pathway can produce different results in different bodily tissues. A Rice University algorithm is designed to find those differences. [Schultz/Qutub Lab

Big Data Used to Distinguish Tissue-Specific Metabolic Pathways

Computational method promises to improve modeling of tissue-specific metabolic pathways.
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