Oxford BioDynamics (OBD) will partner with Holos Life Sciences to develop non-invasive epigenetic biomarkers associated with sports-related concussions. [© ktsdesign/Fotolia]

Oxford BioDynamics, Holos to Develop Sports-Related Concussion Biomarkers

The partnership will use Oxford BioDynamics' EpiSwitch platform and blood samples to be supplied by Holos Life Sciences
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Cell Reprogramming via mRNA Nanoparticles Could Simplify, Broaden Cell Therapies

The scientists found that nanoparticles carrying a gene editing agent can effectively knock-out selected genes in anti-cancer T-cells

Qiagen Wins FDA Clearance for QIAstat-Dx Syndromic Testing System, Respiratory Panel

Qiagen said today it has launched its QIAstat-Dx syndromic testing system along with the multiplex QIAstat-Dx respiratory panel after receiving FDA 510(k) clearances. QIAstat-Dx (formerly...
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Maximizing the Efficacy of Genetic Testing

Genetic counseling services provider InformedDNA released today a white paper on genetic testing. Use of these diagnostic tests is growing rapidly, but inappropriate testing...
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Fathers’ Genomic Imprinting Promotes Mothers’ Loving Care

Investigators study genomic imprinting, the role of the Phida2 gene on the maternal behavior in mice, and its potential human implications
Two Pore Guys says it will use its $24.5 million in Series A financing to scale up manufacturing of its hand-held

With $24.5M in Series A Financing, Two Pore Guys Are In the Money

Company plans to scale up manufacturing of its testing system, expand its executive team, and advance its two-pore technology.
Figure 1. Method of sequencing samples from a JAK2-negative myeloproliferative neoplasm patient

Single-Cell Approach to Personalized Medicine

As one of the most prevalent causes of death across the globe, the burden of cancer is still sharply increasing, predominantly due to the...
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New Model Predicts Effects of Genetic Variants on Cognitive Traits

Researchers say the model paves the way for better care of children at risk of developing neurodevelopmental disorders from an early age

Personalized Dx / Rx Developer Adaptive Biotechnologies Raises $300M in IPO

Personalized diagnostics and therapeutics developer Adaptive Biotechnologies has raised at least $300 million in gross proceeds through an initial public offering (IPO)—the second-largest one...
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Infectious Fight: Tackling the Inevitability of Resistance, One Genome at a Time

In the never-ending fight against antimicrobial resistance, researchers embrace genomics to better predict development of drug resistance.
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