Genetic Underpinnings for Migraines Uncovered

Many of the risk variants localize inside or close to genes that regulate the vascular system.
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Cancer-Linked Rearrangements Pepper Genome’s Regulatory Regions

Baylor College of Medicine compiles a comprehensive catalog of somatic rearrangements and their associated transcriptional patterns
Source: NIH

NIH Funding Made Available to Advance Sequencing Technology

The National Human Genome Research Institute commits $6.7 million toward the development of new sequencing technologies.

Thermal Protein Profiling May Offer New Insights on Antibiotic Resistance

EMBL scientists adapt an existing technique to study the melting behaviors of proteins for its use in the study of bacteria
The prenatal diagnostics industry is  expected to reach $3.6 billion by 2019 with the demand for prenatal tests tripling over  the next six years. [Mopic/Fotolia]

A Crowded Field for Noninvasive Prenatal Screening Tests

Prenatal screening for detection of a wide range of monogenic disorders and chromosomal abnormalities has been available to prospective parents for over 40 years....
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Philips Expands Personalized Cancer Collaboration with NYMC

The collaboration with NYMC, which spawned Philips' oncology-focused solution IntelliSpace Genomics, has grown from one to five projects.

A $1,000 Proteome? Protein Sequencers Raise the Question

Development of better, cheaper, and more clinically relevant genomic analysis continues apace, but what about the proteome? If anything, the proteome—the full set of...
Source: Daniel Sone / National Cancer Institute

The Power of One: Single-Cell Genomics Targets Cancer on Its Own Terms

Sequencing the RNA of single cells is unlocking the secrets of tumor heterogeneity and opening doors to better cancer diagnostics.
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Barcoding Gets the Drop on Single-Cell Transcriptomes

Averages shout, and individuals whisper. That, in a nutshell, is the frustration of single-cell transcriptomics. Although innumerable cell types have unique gene-expression profiles, they...
The first printout of the human genome as displayed at the Wellcome collection

The Value of Present and the Promise of Future Sequencing Strategies

The Human Genome Project provided a path for determining the genetic basis of many inherited diseases and neoplasms. So far, various efforts from both...
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