MDxHealth and QUT bluebox say their planned liquid biopsy epigenetic assay will evaluate abnormal DNA methylation changes

MDxHealth, QUT Partner to Develop Oral Cancer Liquid Biopsy Assay

The saliva test will evaluate abnormal DNA methylation changes to indicate whether a patient may be at higher risk of developing cancer
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CRISPR Protein Adapted to Create Diagnostic Tool

The tool could one day be used to respond to viral and bacterial outbreaks, monitor antibiotic resistance, and detect cancer.
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Color Genomics Branches out with Cardiovascular Test

The Color Hereditary High Cholesterol Test will screen the three genes known to cause the most cases of FH: APOB, LDLR, and PSCK9
One key outcome of the use of mass spec in the NIH’s Clinical Proteomic Technologies for Cancer program has been the improvement of the proteomic biomarker development pipeline. [iStock / nan_bkk]

Proteomics for Disease Detection and Characterization

Genomic diagnostics for cancer have reached the clinic, but protein profiling to augment or confirm these analyses remains challenging.
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Agios Gains FDA Approval for Precision AML Drug

Tibsovo gains approval for adult patients with relapsed or refractory acute myeloid leukemia with specific mutations in the IDH1 gene
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UCB and U.K. Nonprofit Partner on Personalized Epilepsy Treatments

With €2.5M from biotech, the partners launch a five-year research program to include genome sequencing and analysis of genetic biomarkers
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Novel Protein Analysis Tool Could Boost Quality and Accuracy of Medical Diagnosis

The IonStar technology is the first to provide near-perfect accuracy in quantifying and comparing abundance of proteins in human subjects
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Indivumed to Provide Regeneron With Samples, Data Collection Methods

Samples will come from Indivumed's collaboration with Geisinger Health Systems and support the drug developer’s cancer research programs
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The Peaks and Valleys: Metabolomics Databases Abound, But a Lack of Data Standards Presents...

There is no shortage of databases for metabolomics researchers to use, but a lack of data standards still presents challenges.
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MDxHealth to Develop Ghent University’s MISH Diagnostic Platform for Cancer

The diagnostic platform allows for the direct visualization of cancer-related epigenetic changes in both tissue and liquid samples.
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