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What’s Best for Baby’s Genome?

A consortium of clinical geneticists is studying the ins and outs of using genome sequencing for newborn health screenings and beyond.
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Berkeley Lights and the Icahn Institute Collaborate on Single-Cell Genomics

Mount Sinai’s Icahn Institute gains access to Berkeley Lights’ OptoSelect™ light technology for single-cell annotation and genomics.
Researchers have found a growing understanding and acceptance by pregnant women of ccfDNA testing. [© igorborodin/ Fotolia]

Maternal Plasma DNA Testing

In October 2011, the Sequenom Center for Molecular Medicine (SCMM) became the first laboratory in the United States to offer next-generation sequencing of circulating...
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Cambridge Epigenetics and NuGEN Form Epigenetic Marker Partnership

The partnership will see the marketing of an oxBS-Seq kit and incorporate the technology into a library prep kit.
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New Class of Biomarkers Indicates Cancer Patients’ Prognosis

Cold Spring Harbor researchers home in on copy number variations in driver genes to discover new prognostic biomarkers of cancer
Illustration depicting transcribed noncoding elements (TNE or enhancer RNAs) in the brain. [Source: Clemens Scherzer

Laser Capture RNA-Seq ‘Cuts Open’ Neuropsychiatric Genomic Dark Matter

Researchers use new technique called lase-capture RNA-seq to catalog more than 70,000 novel elements in dopaminergic neurons

Launching a Unified Microbiome Initiative

It’s a jungle out there. In here. And everywhere in between. Yet it is largely unexplored, despite its hidden dangers and potential benefits. This...
Cynvenio Biosystems developed LiquidBiopsy

Blood Can Replace Tissue Biopsies

Cynvenio Biosystems, with its LiquidBiopsy® rare cell isolation and genomic analysis platform, is at the forefront of cancer diagnostics. Rather than rely on tissue...
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UCB and U.K. Nonprofit Partner on Personalized Epilepsy Treatments

With €2.5M from biotech, the partners launch a five-year research program to include genome sequencing and analysis of genetic biomarkers
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Clinical Genomics Update: Beyond ACGT

A vast “technocopia” of powerful tools is available to be employed in the clinical arena following the evolution from forme fruste to research tools....
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