PAVMed Licenses Esophageal Cancer Precursor Testing Technology

The EsoCheck test developed at Case Western Reserve University detects Barrett's Espophagus, the primary precursor of esophageal cancer
The so-called "molecular timer" appears to control the number of protein molecules produced by a cell and prevents the generation of extra molecules. When activated with drugs

Stop-Stall Mechanism May Limit Number of Proteins Synthesized from mRNA

Stop-stall mechanism researchers say a "molecular timer" may control the number of protein molecules produced by a cell and combat tumors
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MDxHealth to Develop Ghent University’s MISH Diagnostic Platform for Cancer

The diagnostic platform allows for the direct visualization of cancer-related epigenetic changes in both tissue and liquid samples.
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New Computational Tool Improves Metastatic Cancer Tracking

The new computational tool provides a clearer picture of cancer migration than previous methods that relied on DNA sequences alone

BIOASTER, Bio-Rad, Genetic Analysis Partner on Microbiome-Based Diagnostics

The partners plan to examine gut microbiota signatures to develop novel microbiome-based diagnostics for metabolic disorders
New research examines why some children born with heart defects also have developmental disabilities. [Image courtesy of Mark L. Riccio

New Guidelines Released for Genetic Testing Post-PCI

New consensus statements have been released on using platelet function/genetic testing to decide antiplatelet treatment after percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). As different P2Y12receptor inhibitors...
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NIH Earmarks $55M for Personalized Medicine Initiative; FDA Publishes Draft Guidance on Use of...

NIH awards will help build data infrastructure, support patient recruitment, while FDA guidance offers insight into planned IVD regulations.
Source: NIH

Genomic Population Analysis Identifies Loci Influencing Inflammatory Diseases

Large genetic study of Finnish population uncovers potential new treatments for inflammatory diseases.
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Roche Nabs AbVitro’s PETE Technology to Support Clinical NGS

Roche has picked up exclusive rights to AbVitro's primer extension-based target enrichment (PETE) technology and associated patent applications AbVitro has filed. The technology, Roche...
Illustration of bronchus and alveolus covered in inorganic particles, fibroblasts,and growth factor obstructing the internal lining

Veracyte Test IDs IPF from Other Lung-Scarring Diseases Without the Need for Surgery

Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is a deadly lung disease that causes irreversible fibrotic damage to lung tissue, which impairs breathing. Timely diagnosis is critical...
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