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Long ncRNA Must Linger to Enhance Gene Expression

A Danish-German team of researchers detail the mechanistic action of long noncoding RNA and show how it can recruit transcription factors

Researchers Find Three Genetic Variants Linked to Chronic Back Pain

The genome-wide association study analyzed samples of 158,000 individuals of European ancestry including 29,000 with chronic back pain

Rady Children’s Helps California’s Project Baby Bear Improve Outcomes, Save $2.5M

Rady Children’s, Project Baby Bear provided diagnoses for 76 babies (43%) of those tested with rWGS. The testing led to a change in the management of 55 babies (31%) that resulted in fewer hospital days, fewer procedures or new therapies.
Curetis and BGI Group’s wholly-owned subsidiary MGI will partner to develop NGS in vitro diagnostic assays for microbial infection. The collaboration will combine Curetis’ Unyvero L4 Lysator (pictured) with MGI's SP100 Sample Preparation System and MGISeq NGS Sequencers. [Source: Curetis]

Curetis, MGI to Co-Develop NGS Assays for Microbial Infection

Curetis and BGI Group’s wholly-owned subsidiary MGI will partner to develop NGS in vitro diagnostic assays for microbial infection.

Blood Test that Measures Expression of 5,000 Proteins Shows Potential as Disease Screening Tool

Researchers scanned 5,000 proteins in single blood plasma samples taken from 16,894 participants to simultaneously capture the individualized imprints of current health status, and incident risk of cardiometabolic diseases such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke,and heart failure.
Personal Genome Diagnostics Inc. (PGDx) has raised $75 million in Series B financing

PGDx to Advance Test Development with $75M in Series B Financing

Proceeds will be invested in further development of tissue-based and liquid biopsy technologies for cancer genomics
Osteosarcoma biopsy under light microscopy

High-Risk Variants Detected in Osteosarcoma Patients

Researchers performed whole-exome sequencing on 1,104 patients and targeted sequencing on 104 patients with osteosarcoma, looking for pathogenic, or likely pathogenic, variants in 238 cancer-susceptibility genes.
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Next-Gen Sequencing: A New Tool in Identifying Rare Breast Tumor Mutations

Scientists at the University of Michigan’s Comprehensive Cancer Center have uncovered genetic markers in a rare type of breast cancer called phyllodes tumors by...
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Transgenomic Wins $1.5M NIH Grant to Enhance Pre-Sequencing Technology

Transgenomic said today it has won a two-year $1.5 million Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) grant from the NIH toward a collaborative project with...
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Children’s Cognitive and Metabolic Health Affected by Dad’s Nicotine, Exercise Habits

The mouse study found that nicotine-exposed fathers' sperm cells showed changes to DNA methylation at promoters of the dopamine D2 receptor
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