Gene expression level of individual ribosomal proteins (RP) in different types of cancer (blue: lower level; red: higher level compared to normal tissue). [University of Basel

Ribosomal Expression Patterns May Serve as Cancer Prognostic Markers

Researchers investigated the expression of ribosomal proteins in various tumors and discovered a cancer type specific signature.
Source: Oxford Nanopore

Nanopore Sequencing Passes Milestone of Multiple Genome Analysis

New results demonstrate the potential for wide-scale whole-genome sequencing in humans using nanopore approaches.
Source:  jxfzsy/Getty Images

New Bioinformatic Platform Seeks to Democratize Genomics

Los Alamos National Laboratory and Naval Medical Research Center develop new platform to enable rapid genomic sequence data analysis.
Source: Pixabay

Gene Discovered that is Linked to Alcohol Consumption Regulation

A gene associated with decreased desire to drink alcohol may suggest a mechanism for treatments to reduce alcohol intake.
This is a fluorescence microscopy showing on the left

Single-Cell RNA-seq Tracks Immune Response to Microbial Pathogens

Researchers develop single-cell RNA-seq technique to investigate the interplay of individual host cells with infecting bacteria.
Source:  ktsimage/Getty Images

Secondary Findings in Genomic Sequencing Get New Reporting Recommendations

ACMG releases new recommendations for reporting of secondary findings in clinical exome and genome sequencing.
Source: SubstanceP/Getty Images

New Method Detects Protein Biomarkers for Cancer, Other Diseases

A new array developed at Purdue separates unmodified proteins from glycoproteins and identifies glycoproteins associated with bladder cancer
Source: designer491/Getty Images

Sequencing Circulating Tumor DNA of Lymphoma Determines Origin and Prognosis

Stanford researchers use ctDNA to accurately identify cancer subtypes and pinpoint drug-resistance mutations that may cause drug resistance.

Mount Sinai Launches Collaboration with Regeneron Genetics Center

The collaboration looks to perform whole exome sequencing on 33,000 DNA and plasma samples housed in Mount Sinai's BioMe biobank.
Source: royaltystockphoto/Getty Images

Payers’ Genetic Counselor Mandates Decrease Access to BRCA 1/2 Testing

Large national healthcare payers' policies intended to reduce unneeded testing are also increasing cancellations for needed BRCA 1/2 tests.
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