Source: NIH

Genomic Study Links Commonalities Between Cardiovascular and Other Diseases

Nearly half of all hereditary risk factors for coronary artery disease are also associated with entirely different diseases.
Utilization of NIPS is growing

Snapshot: Noninvasive Prenatal Screening—Making the Case for Responsible Innovation in Genetic Testing

In the dozen years since the sequencing of the human genome, the pace of innovation in genetic testing has exploded. We are now able...
A new assembly of the gorilla genome offers important biological insights into their evolution and how these primates differ from humans. [Alice C. Gray]

New Technology Aids in Completion of Gorilla Genome Sequence

Technical advances in reading long DNA sequences may have significant ramifications in understanding primate evolution and human disease.
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Companion Diagnostics Develops an Ear for Cancer’s Dissonant Themes

Since the development of the first companion diagnostic for Herceptin was introduced more than 10 years ago, the development paths for these tests have...
Cambridge Epigenetix has launched a discovery and development program for a test to detect colorectal and other cancers

Only 40% of Metastatic Colon Cancer Patients Get Guideline-Recommended Genomic Testing

This study also showed that using a comprehensive panel, as opposed to single-gene testing, could possibly result in a 50% increase in guideline-recommended testing rates.
Source: NIH

Precision Medicine Takes on RNA Diseases

Scripps team opens new avenues for developing personalized medicines against RNA diseases.
Appistry's CSO Richard Mazzarella

VIEW NOW—Clinically Actionable Genomics: From Sequencing to Personalized Medicine

The DxMA webcast "Clinically Actionable Genomics: From Sequencing to Personalized Medicine" sponsored by Clinical OMICs is now available for viewing. This webcast focuses on describing...
A study found that whole exome sequencing holds promise for providing information and management options for patients and their families dealing with complex genetic conditions. [iStock/Adventtr]

Whole Exome Sequencing Wins Blue Ribbon

GeneDx’ subsidiary BioReference Laboratories published results in Genetics in Medicine from a retrospective review of molecular diagnostic testing by whole exome sequencing (WES). According...
Clinical OMICs Magazine: Volume 5

Counselors Face a Balancing Act as Challenges Loom

Angelina Jolie’s self-disclosure of the BRCA1 gene mutation that led her to undergo a double mastectomy helped normalize the concept of genetic testing and...
The prenatal diagnostics industry is  expected to reach $3.6 billion by 2019 with the demand for prenatal tests tripling over  the next six years. [Mopic/Fotolia]

A Crowded Field for Noninvasive Prenatal Screening Tests

Prenatal screening for detection of a wide range of monogenic disorders and chromosomal abnormalities has been available to prospective parents for over 40 years....
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