Blood test shows new mutations in NRAS and PI3K genes may lead to skin cancer relapse. [iStock/ftwitty]

Liquid Biopsy May Provide Early Warning of Skin Cancer Relapse

Blood test shows new mutations in NRAS and PI3K genes may lead to skin cancer relapse.
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Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches CDx Alliance with Novartis, Pfizer

Thermo Fisher Scientific said today it will partner with Novartis and Pfizer to develop and commercialize a companion diagnostic for non-small cell lung cancer...
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Caris Inks Pancreatic Cancer Diagnostics Deal with Threshold Pharmaceuticals

Caris will use its ADAPT system to develop a diagnostic intended to classify potential outcomes for Threshold's drug candidate evofosfamide.
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Next-Gen Sequencing for Diagnosing Brain Infections

New pilot study successfully used advanced DNA sequencing methods as a diagnostic tool to uncover latent brain infections.
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Ear Infection Gene Uncovered in Large Genomic Study

Scientists have discovered a gene region that raises the risk a child will have a middle ear infection.
Northwestern scientists develop a cancer-risk-predicting algorithm calculating epigenetic age on the basis of blood-based DNA methylation.

Epigenetic-Chronological Age Mismatch Warns of Cancer

Epigenetic age, a new way to measure biological age, is emerging as a way to assess human health and disease at a molecular level....
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CRISPR Protein Adapted to Create Diagnostic Tool

The tool could one day be used to respond to viral and bacterial outbreaks, monitor antibiotic resistance, and detect cancer.

Flu Genome Study May Help Efforts to Detect Potential Pandemic

Similarity between two virus strains could predict their ability to mix genetic material to make a hybrid virus with pandemic potential
Bovine embryos were examined for abnormal chromosome segregation during development. [Maaike Catteeuw

Single-Cell Genomic Method Could Improve IVF Success

Researchers discovered errors during embryonic development that can lead to abnormal chromosome segregation, resulting in chimeric embryos
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Clinical Genomics Update: Beyond ACGT

A vast “technocopia” of powerful tools is available to be employed in the clinical arena following the evolution from forme fruste to research tools....
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