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Single-Cell Analysis for a Penny a Profile

Technique called split SPLiT-seq doesn't isolate cells, but instead uses the cell itself as the isolation compartment for its own RNA
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Identifying Susceptibility Genes and Epigenetic Mechanisms for Drugs of Abuse

As researchers continue to find numerous genes that may increase the risk for drug and alcohol dependence, a complex and multifactorial picture continues to...
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Illumina Leads $18M Investment Round in French PCR Firm

Funding to support commercialization of the company's second-generation digital PCR Naica System and tests focusing initially on oncology

Genetic Underpinnings for Migraines Uncovered

Many of the risk variants localize inside or close to genes that regulate the vascular system.
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Epigenetic Modulation Helps Restore Myelin to Damaged Nerves

Myelin repair for damaged nerves is controlled by epigenetic mechanisms that may point toward potential therapies for autoimmune diseases
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Video and Digital PSA Campaign Urges Lung Cancer Patients to Get Biomarker Testing

Sponsored by the LUNGevity Foundation, the PSAs urge patients to ask their doctors about biomarker testing to encourage precision treatments
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New Data on Microbiome Triples Number of Identified Bacterial Genes

Human Microbiome Project uncovers millions of previously unknown microbial genes which may lead to insights of their role in human health

Genome Shrinks Uncover Gene Variants Linked with Sense of Well-Being

Effectively putting the genome on the couch, a team identified genetic variants associated with well-being, depression, and neuroticism.
Most cases of colorectal cancer evade early detection

Colorectal Cancer: Are Genetic Tests Clinically Useful?

More than 1.2 million new cases of colorectal cancer (CRC) occur glob- ally each year, resulting in about 600,000 deaths. CRC remains the third...
Prostate cancer, illustration

Myriad to Pursue mCRPC Approval for BRACAnalysis CDx

Myriad Genetics said today it will pursue FDA authorization of its BRACAnalysis CDx test as a companion diagnostic for the AstraZeneca/Merck & Co. co-marketed...
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