Figure 1. Method of sequencing samples from a JAK2-negative myeloproliferative neoplasm patient

Single-Cell Approach to Personalized Medicine

As one of the most prevalent causes of death across the globe, the burden of cancer is still sharply increasing, predominantly due to the...
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HudsonAlpha Clinical Program Gleans Health Insights from the Genome

Insight Genome's whole-genome sequencing gives patients insigth to their risks for specific medical conditions and pharmacogenomic profile.
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Philips Expands Personalized Cancer Collaboration with NYMC

The collaboration with NYMC, which spawned Philips' oncology-focused solution IntelliSpace Genomics, has grown from one to five projects.
DxTerity’s goal is to make genomic testing a routine part of healthcare. Currently

Blood-Based Gene Expression Analysis Platform for Molecular Diagnostics

Genomic technologies enabling relatively simple, rapid, and costeffective high-throughput testing of RNA-based multiplexed signatures in blood samples would greatly facilitate wide-scale adoption of molecular diagnostic tests in clinical medicine. Tests like...
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Trovagene Cuts 20 Staffers, Retrenches

The company expects to save $4M annually by eliminating selling CLIA services directly to medical professionals and by downsizing its staff.
Working with Roche

Innovator: Molecular Information Platform for Cancer

Foundation Medicine plans to fundamentally change the way cancer is diagnosed and treated by providing the molecular information physicians need to match therapies to...
A recent study involving multiple research institutes found significant variations both in sequencing and evaluation results in some of the reports on cancer mutations. [Centro Nacional de Analisis Genómico

Improving Cancer Genome Analysis

Oncologists are increasingly using information obtained from investigations of the tumor genome to find individualized therapies for patients. They specifically search the hereditary information...
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Horizon Discovery Group Inks Agreements with Three CDx Developers

Horizon Discovery Group said today it has signed development agreements with three undisclosed “global” developers of companion diagnostic tests totaling an initial $3.3 million. Horizon...
Trovagene has developed methods for isolation of the short

Noninvasive Molecular Diagnostics for Cancer

Noninvasive molecular diagnostics based on cell-free DNA analysis are advancing as more methods have been developed to detect and quantitate nucleic acids from blood...

A $1,000 Proteome? Protein Sequencers Raise the Question

Development of better, cheaper, and more clinically relevant genomic analysis continues apace, but what about the proteome? If anything, the proteome—the full set of...
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