The power of new sequencing technologies is their ability to unlock information about the variable nature of solid tumors to provide clinicians with a better understanding of cancer’s mechanisms. [© Monika Wisniewska/Fotolia]

Next-Generation Sequencing at the Heart of Personalized Cancer Treatment

There is little doubt that the future of solid tumor cancer treatment will be increasingly precise and tailored to individual patients based on specific...
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Nevada Population Health Study to Include Genetic, Environmental Data

The pilot study will enroll 5,000 residents in an effort to better understand the role of genetics and environment in disease development.
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Rockland Wins SBIR Grant for Sickle Cell Disease POC Device

Rockland Immunochemicals received a $224,473 SBIR grant from the NIH's National Heart Lung and Blood Institute to develop an antibody-based point-of-care device that can...
Clinical OMICs Magazine: Volume 3

Harnessing the Power of Exosomes

Exosomes are lipid nanovesicles, on the order of 30–200 nm, secreted from cells and found in all bodily fluids such as plasma, urine, and...
The first printout of the human genome as displayed at the Wellcome collection

The Value of Present and the Promise of Future Sequencing Strategies

The Human Genome Project provided a path for determining the genetic basis of many inherited diseases and neoplasms. So far, various efforts from both...
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Whole Genome Sequencing as a Public Health Tool

New research uses innovative strategies to track pathogens and halt the spread of disease.
Harmonizing NGS standards is expected to provide a strong evidence base for decisions on coverage of clinical genomic testing and treatment for cancer. [iStock / zmeel]

Harmonizing Standards for NGS Registries and Databases

The Green Park Collaborative (GPC) and the Molecular Evidence Development Consortium (MED-C) are launching a joint effort to advance personalized medicine by harmonizing standards...
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Effects of NIH Budget Cuts Will Extend into the Clinic, Kalorama Cautions

Long-term effects seen beyond FY2018 if reduced federal spending slows down the transformation of research into clinical practice
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New Model Predicts Effects of Genetic Variants on Cognitive Traits

Researchers say the model paves the way for better care of children at risk of developing neurodevelopmental disorders from an early age
University of Illinois researchers developed a cradle and app for the iPhone to make a handheld biosensor that uses the phone's own camera and processing power. [Brian T. Cunningham]

Smartphone Based Biosensors—Just What the mDiagnostician Ordered

If you had to pick the most compelling mHealth, or mobile health, application, you might well pick mDiagnostics—the ability to perform laboratory work outside...
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