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Q&A: Finding Common Ground in CDx Partnerships

Precision for Medicine's David Parker provides insights on bridging the gap between pharma and diagnostic company objectives in CDx deals.
Portati of scientists in front of a mass spectrometer used for molecualr analysis. Proteins are ionised by vaporisation then studied by the relative weight of the different ions

Not if. When: Metabolomics’ Impact in Cancer Treatments May be Just Around the Corner

The possibility of metabolomics playing a role in cancer diagnostics and treat- ment seems, to many metabolomicists, a question of when rather than if....
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Point-of-Care Molecular Diagnostics Evolve

As described by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), point-of-care (POC) instruments combine multiple analytical functions into self-contained, portable devices that can be used...
The Blood Profiling Atlas in Cancer Consortium (BloodPAC) has publicly released an initial dataset intended to help accelerate the development of liquid biopsy technology. [© Alex Tihonov/Fotolia]

BloodPAC Consortium Releases Initial Dataset to Advance Liquid Biopsy

BloodPAC’s public pre-analytical minimal technical data elements (MTDEs) dataset consists of 16 projects with a total 29 studies
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Targeting Microbiome Could Be Treatment Strategy for Age-Related Diseases

McGill study extends lifespan of male fruit flies with a probiotic formulation and herbal supplement used in traditional Indian medicine
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Precision Medicine Needs to Make the Microbiome Essential

Researchers: The microbiome must become an integral part of precision medicine, as so much of human health is intertwined with its fate.
Exosome Diagnostics is partnering with Intezyne to design and validate a companion diagnostic for the drug developer’s upcoming Phase I/II clinical trials of its cancer treatment IT-139. [National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS)

Exosome Diagnostics, Intezyne Partner on CDx for Cancer Treatment IT-139

Exosomal RNA platform to be used in assay measuring the impact of Cancer Resistance Pathway inhibitor on glucose-regulated protein GRP78
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Berry Genomics and Illumina Partner on NGS System for Chinese Clinics

Berry Genomics chose Illumina's next-generation sequencing technology as the platform on which Berry will aim to secure Chinese Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) regulatory...
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Genomics England Taps Edico Genome for Rare Disease Pilot

Partnership to improve variant calling of whole-genome sequencing data and support efforts to make NGS standard of care for U.K.'s NHS.
Appistry's CSO Richard Mazzarella

VIEW NOW—Clinically Actionable Genomics: From Sequencing to Personalized Medicine

The DxMA webcast "Clinically Actionable Genomics: From Sequencing to Personalized Medicine" sponsored by Clinical OMICs is now available for viewing. This webcast focuses on describing...
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