Genomic rearrangements may result in stable

Pancreatic Cancer Has Four Genomically Distinct Subtypes

Genomics meets gene tectonics in a pancreatic cancer study that describes large-scale genomic rearrangements that can be likened to geological events. In pancreatic cancer,...
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RNA Sequencing Shows How Malaria Exploits Liver Genes for Survival

Researchers detail how the malaria parasite tricks liver cells into producing the protein AQP3, which it then uses for rapid replication
A new test developed at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis can detect virtually any virus that infects people and animals

Detecting All Infective Viruses at Once

Scientists at the University of Washington School of Medicine in St. Louis have devised a new metagenomics shotgun sequencing approach that they believe has...
Two Pore Guys plans to develop sensitive

Two Pore Guys to Develop MDx for TB Using $2.8M Gates Foundation Grant

18-month grant to fund proof-of-concept work on an easy-to-use, sensitive and low-cost point-of-care device for resource-poor settings.
Whole exome sequencing is becoming more available to patients and will help them distill the sequencing data to candidate genes and link them with therapies. [NCI]

Mining Whole Exome Sequencing Data for Better Cancer Therapies

New tool interprets raw data of whole exome tumor sequencing and matches the cancer's unique genetics to FDA-approved targeted treatments.
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Autism Risk Increased through Structural Variants Inherited from Dad

Researchers detail genetic variants inherited that do not alter genes directly, but instead disrupt the neighboring cis-regulatory elements
Inova's whole genome sequencing test and interpretation from Veritas Genetics will be offered through the MyMap genetic information service. [© Anetta/Fotolia]

Inova, Veritas Genetics Partner to Combine WGS, Interpretation Services

Inova's whole genome sequencing test and interpretation from Veritas Genetics will be offered through the MyMap genetic information service
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Theradiag and Collaborators Win Funding for Rectal Cancer Diagnostic

Via funding from the Eurostars-2 program the collaborators will seek to develop two rectal cancer diagnostics using circulating microRNA.
Depressed woman with head in hands

UnitedHealthcare To Cover Genetic Testing for Precision Medicine in Depression, Anxiety

The nation’s largest private health insurer, UnitedHealthcare, announced August 1 that it will cover testing that will allow physicians to match their patients to...
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New Model Predicts Effects of Genetic Variants on Cognitive Traits

Researchers say the model paves the way for better care of children at risk of developing neurodevelopmental disorders from an early age
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