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Altering Gut Microbiome with Pathogenic Yeast Can Protect Against Disease

The immune system of a mouse model was boosted with an evolved model of Candida albicans that was introduced into its gut
Aggressive pancreatic cancer cells undergo a mesenchymal-to-epithelial shift

Researchers ID Epigenetic Factor as Potential Pancreatic Cancer Target

Findings suggest targeting a specific histone methyltransferase could make pancreatic cancer cells more receptive to existing therapies
Genomic rearrangements may result in stable

Pancreatic Cancer Has Four Genomically Distinct Subtypes

Genomics meets gene tectonics in a pancreatic cancer study that describes large-scale genomic rearrangements that can be likened to geological events. In pancreatic cancer,...
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Paradigm Diagnostics Attracts Second Investor in B Round Financing

The $3 million investment from New Science Ventures will allow the company to speed adoption of it PCDx genomic profiling test.
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Mother-Infant Microbiome Insights Come from New Metagenomic Tool

Genetic diversity within a bacterial species can be captured by sequencing microbial communities and the use of a new metagenomic tool.
The primers used for library preparation during the development of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 panels were scored by QC

Designing Amplicon Panels

Targeted sequencing is an economical way to obtain sequencing reads that are limited only to genomic regions of interest. There are two different approaches...
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IntegraGen to Oversee Sequencing at Institut Pasteur

IntegraGen will oversee high-throughput sequencing activities for the National Reference Center (NRC) and microbiological collections at the Institut Pasteur. The partnership’s primary objective, according to...
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Changes in Microbiome Could Adjust Risk for Breast Cancer

Researchers find differences in the breast tissue microbiome between women with and without breast cancer.

Validating NGS-Based Genetic Tests

As next-generation sequencing (NGS) makes genetic testing for a wide range of human diseases increasingly commonplace, facile methods for validating the efficacy of those...

Third “Short Sleep” Gene Discovered Prevents Memory Deficits

Although it is recommended for most people to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep, there are some people who can sleep for just...
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