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North Texas Genome Center to Launch this Month

Housed at the UT Arlington campus, the facility will be a regional research center and serve healthcare systems in the six-state region
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The Placebome: Where Placebo Responders Lurk

Placebo responders are different from placebo nonresponders, with implications for the design of clinical trials and the provision of clinical care. Placebo responders, for...
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Gut Microbiota Predictor of Chemotherapy-Induced Blood Infections

New study results could help physicians choose a therapeutic path for some cancer patients.
The first printout of the human genome as displayed at the Wellcome collection

The Value of Present and the Promise of Future Sequencing Strategies

The Human Genome Project provided a path for determining the genetic basis of many inherited diseases and neoplasms. So far, various efforts from both...
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HudsonAlpha Clinical Program Gleans Health Insights from the Genome

Insight Genome's whole-genome sequencing gives patients insigth to their risks for specific medical conditions and pharmacogenomic profile.
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What’s Next for Next-Gen Sequencing?

Many factors drive the next-generation sequencing (NGS) market in regulated environments. Only a few years ago, the throughput and price point did not allow...

New RNA Modification Added to Epitranscriptomic Library

Scientists find modified RNA "epitranscriptome" that could be a key regulatory control of gene expression.
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Cancer Prognosis and Survival Predictions Aided by DNA Methylation Patterns

DNA methylation could improve outcomes via more accurate diagnoses of indolent or aggressive tumors requiring different treatment regimens
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New Blood Test Can Predict Survival for Ebola-Infected Patients

The new blood analysis technique could be used for future outbreak response as a diagnostic tool to help guide treatment strategies.
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Genomic Study Links Commonalities Between Cardiovascular and Other Diseases

Nearly half of all hereditary risk factors for coronary artery disease are also associated with entirely different diseases.
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