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NIAID Releases Strategic Plan Detailing Four COVID-19 Research Priorities

The plan’s four priorities are to improve fundamental knowledge of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19; develop rapid, accurate diagnostics to identify and isolate COVID-19 cases to track its spread’ test potential treatments, and develop safe and effective vaccines.
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Rutgers Launches Prospective Study of Health Care Workers Exposed to COVID-19

More than 800 employees from Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and University Hospital are participating in the pioneering study, which is the nation’s largest prospective study of health care workers exposed to COVID-19.
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OpGen, Sweden’s Karolinska Institutet to Study Bacterial Co-Infections in COVID-19 Pneumonia Patients

High-risk COVID-19 patients, which includes the elderly and others with co-morbidities including diabetes and obesity, are also at a higher risk of acquiring bacterial co-infections that pose severe life-threatening complications.
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Mologic Readies Fast, Inexpensive COVID-19 Antibody Tests in the UK

Mologic is poised to start commercial-scale manufacture and rollout of both its laboratory ELISA, and low-cost—potentially £1 per test—lateral flow point-of-need coronavirus antibody tests, which could be available in the UK within weeks.

Biobanks Play Important Role in Fight Against COVID-19

Issues related to patient sample collection, processing, and analyses have long been important factors in handling the response to emerging infectious diseases.
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FDA Collaborating with NIAID, NCI, CDC to Evaluate Covid-19 Serology Tests

According to the FDA, the evaluation of serological tests will begin soon, and will also include the four for which it has already granted Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), as well as those currently under development.
A three-protein biomarker panel has been established that is able to screen urine samples for signs of early-stage pancreatic cancer. [iStock/© David Marchal]

UPenn Team Leverages Machine Learning for Early Stage Pancreatic Cancer Liquid Biopsy

In a blinded study, the multi-analyte test was found to be more accurate than single biomarker analysis at detecting pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC), and was also better at staging disease than stand-alone imaging.
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Intensive COVID-19 Testing Helped Curb Spread of Disease in Iceland

The combination of broad-based screening, vigorous tracking of contacts of the infected, and isolation of the infected underscores the efficacy of public health efforts to control the spread of the virus.
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Plasmonic Sensing Using DNA Probes Shows Promise as COVID-19 Diagnostic

The system detects interactions between molecules on the surface of a constructed metallic nanostructure, and it registers interactions as a local change in refractive index, but also employs DNA probes that recognize specific SARS-CoV-2 RNA sequences.
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Stanford Taps Major League Baseball for Broad COVID-19 Antibody Study

The study will include not only players, their families, and team staff, but also concessionaires and other part-time employees in order to collect data across different populations and socioeconomic classes.
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