PerkinElmer, Helix Partner to Launch Genetic Screening Test

The DNA test available to healthy individuals analyzes all 59 medically actionable genes identified by the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics.
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MIT, The Broad Release Data on 8,000 Human Microbial Strains

The human digestive tract is home to thousands of different strains of bacteria. Many of these are beneficial, while others contribute to health problems...
pancreatic cancer cells

Researchers Identify Familial Pancreatic Cancer Gene

Researchers at Harvard Medical School have sequenced the genomes of a family in which multiple members had pancreatic cancer and found a mutation in a gene linked to the RAS signaling pathway that controls cell growth and death. Researchers argue that the into how RABL3 impacts the signaling pathway could lead to novel targeted therapy.
Epic Sciences said today its liquid biopsy blood test showed in a study that it can help physicians select prostate cancer patients who are likely to benefit from a Pfizer prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA)-targeted therapy candidate known as BIND-014 before the start of treatment. [Source: © Alex Tihonov/Fotolia]

LAM Gets FDA Breakthrough Designation for Liver Cancer Liquid Biopsy

Bringing it closer to one of the world’s fastest-growing diagnostic market places, the Laboratory for Advanced Medicine (LAM)’s blood-based liver cancer test has been...

AMP Position Statement Offers Laboratories ‘Best Practices’ for PGx Testing

The Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP) today published a position statement for pharmacogenomic testing that spells out “best practices” criteria for laboratories to follow. The...
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Cell-Free DNA Used for Infectious Disease Testing

In recent years we’ve seen the power of analyzing cell-free DNA to diagnose and track the progression of cancer. Yet, using this technology as...

OncoCyte to Buy Early Lung Cancer Testing Company Razor Genomics

OncoCyte said today it plans to acquire Razor Genomics for at least $11 million, in a deal designed to bolster the buyer’s early-stage lung...
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Tumor Microbiome Linked to Survival in Pancreatic Cancer Patients

Fecal transplants from long-term survivors of pancreatic cancer patients to newly diagnosed ones may one day save lives.
Juvenile diabetes patient checking his blood glucose levels at home

Genetic Testing for People Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes Could Rule Out Disease

A new study suggests that all young people with newly diagnosed Type 1 diabetes should be tested for a genetic mutation that could be...
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