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Elysium Health Launches At-Home Test to Measure Rate of Aging, Biological Age

Elysium Heath also announced Morgan Levine, Ph.D., of Yale School of Medicine has joined the company as head of bioinformatics to improve the testing methodology of Index, with the goal of making its application accurate and informative for individuals.

Cepheid’s BCR-ABL Test Gets FDA Approval

Cepheid announced that it has received clearance from the FDA for its Xpert BCR-ABL Ultra for monitoring disease burden in patients with chronic myeloid...
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Tongue Key to Early Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis?

A study of the tongue microbiome reveals some types of bacteria can distinguish people with early pancreatic cancer from healthy individuals
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Mammoth Competition: Feng Zhang, Partners Launch CRISPR Dx Company

Company will leverage synthetic biology and CRISPR patents held by the Broad Institute and Harvard's Wyss Institute to create next-gen MDxes

FDA Approves Myriad BRACAnalysis CDx for Lynparza in Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer

According to Myriad, it is the first and only genetic test approved by the FDA as a CDx designed to help identify patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer who have a germline BRCA mutation and are candidates for treatment with Lynparza.
One of the major scientific crusades in oncology has been to identify and validate biomarkers associated with recurrent breast cancer. [iStock / royaltystockphoto]

Agendia Reports Positive Results in IMPACt Trial for Breast Cancer

MammaPrint and BluePrint reclassified 40% of pathologically subtyped tumors, highlighting the need for an individualized, molecular subtyping profile in early stage breast cancer diagnosing for patients.
Epic Sciences said today its liquid biopsy blood test showed in a study that it can help physicians select prostate cancer patients who are likely to benefit from a Pfizer prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA)-targeted therapy candidate known as BIND-014 before the start of treatment. [Source: © Alex Tihonov/Fotolia]

LAM Gets FDA Breakthrough Designation for Liver Cancer Liquid Biopsy

Bringing it closer to one of the world’s fastest-growing diagnostic market places, the Laboratory for Advanced Medicine (LAM)’s blood-based liver cancer test has been...
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Researchers Detail the Unique Genetic Profile of Lewy Body Dementia

Led by UCL researchers, the team identified a heritability estimate for Lewy Body Dementia of 36%, similar to that of Parkinson's disease

ArcherDX to Launch CDx, Develop Cancer Monitoring Platform with $55M in Series C Financing

Company plans to launch STRATAFIDE multi-gene, pan-solid tumor companion diagnostic, designed to identify actionable genomic alterations in tissue or blood, and support development of its Personalized Cancer Monitoring (PCM) platform.

New cfDNA Test Accurately Detects 50 Cancer Types, Tissue of Origin

The overall specificity of the methylation-based cfDNA test was 99.3%; meaning that less than 1% of those without cancer were wrongly identified by the system as having the disease. 
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