Brigham and Women’s Hospital Opens Preventive Genomics Clinic

Brigham and Women’s Hospital has launched the Preventive Genomics Clinic, a facility designed to provide comprehensive DNA sequencing, interpretation and reporting of disease-associated genes. The...
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GeneCentric Therapeutics Acquires Select ImmunoGenomics for Biomarker Discovery

GeneCentric Therapeutics has broadened its tool set for subtyping cancer patients by acquiring Select ImmunoGenomics. The combined company now boasts a large, integrated set of RNA-based solutions for identifying the right patients for specific oncology drugs and improving response rates, treatment durability, and ultimately patient outcomes.
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Researchers Identify Familial Pancreatic Cancer Gene

Researchers at Harvard Medical School have sequenced the genomes of a family in which multiple members had pancreatic cancer and found a mutation in a gene linked to the RAS signaling pathway that controls cell growth and death. Researchers argue that the into how RABL3 impacts the signaling pathway could lead to novel targeted therapy.
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Gene Therapy Firm Renovacor Closes $11 Million Series A Financing

Proceeds from the Renovacor financing will help advance the company’s first-of-its-kind gene replacement therapy through IND filing, in preparation to initiate clinical trials in dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) patients with mutations in the BAG3 gene.
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Q-State Biosciences and 2bPrecise Sign Precision Medicine Deal

The Q-State Biosciences and 2bPrecise partnership aims to achieve improved diagnostic yields and patient outcomes by using clinical tools to match patients with precise therapies based on their health attributes and genetic profile.
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Seven Bridges Expands into Serbia

Seven Bridges, a biomedical software and data analytics company, plans to expand operations into Novi Sad, Serbia, to meet growing demand for its products and services.
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Irish Researchers Integrate Epilepsy Genomics into Electronic Patient Records

Researchers in Ireland are one step closer to offering seamless personalized care to epilepsy patients nationwide, reporting that they have developed a genomics module...
GNS and Swedish Cancer Institute launch collaboration aimed at advancing the use of precision medicine in care for breast cancer patients. [Source: © Arto/]

Methylation Implicated in Aspirin Benefit for Breast Cancer Patients

Prior studies have suggested that women who take aspirin before being diagnosed with breast cancer (BC) may live longer than women who haven’t historically...
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POC Platform Developer GNA Biosolutions Closes $13.5M Series C

GNA Biosolutions GmbH's new funding will spur the German company’s molecular diagnostics assay development.
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Feasibility Study Finds Informative Digital Biomarkers of Dementia

Combining wearable devices, handheld devices and digital apps lets researchers tell the difference between people with early dementia and those without it.
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