TruGenomix, BlueBee Launch Behavioral Health Partnership Sparked by COVID-19

The companies said they will train, model, and expand insights continuously using machine learning and artificial intelligence, with the goal of enabling early identification of people at high risk for PTSD and other behavioral health conditions based on their biomarkers.
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Most Advanced UK COVID-19 Vaccine Project Data Shows Efficacy

Six vaccinated macaques and three unvaccinated controls were exposed to the virus a month after receiving one dose of the vaccine. The team saw a significantly lower number of viral particles in liquid and fluid taken from the lungs of the animals in the study that had been vaccinated compared with the controls.
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Bayer, ArcherDX Enter Companion Diagnostic Deal for Vitrakvi

The primary objective of the collaboration is to broaden patient access to genomic testing inclusive of NTRK1, NTRK2, and NTRK3 gene fusions and to help improve identification of appropriate treatment options for patients with TRK fusion cancer.
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CareDx, Veracyte Enter Exclusive Partnership for Transplant Rejection Testing

CareDx said its HistoMap gene expression profiling test will run on the Veracyte system. HistoMap is being developed using the Human Organ Transplant (HOT) panel from the Banff Foundation for Allograft Pathology.
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The DNA Company Buys AI-Driven Pain App for $30M, Forms New Venture

The intention is to use the combined expertise in functional genomics and digital therapeutics to develop a range of health apps with pain management and COVID-19 the initial foci.
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Newborn Genomic Screening: In Sickness and In Health

In this inaugural Clinical OMICs Keynote webinar, we are proud to host two renowned leaders in the field of genomic medicine, Drs Stephen Kingsmore and Robert Green, who will discuss their pioneering work in the field of newborn genome sequencing and analysis.

Regeneron, Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine Enter Broad Genetics Research Collaboration

Genomic data will be paired with de-identified health records from CCPM to aid in genomic medicine, drug discovery, and personalized medicine approaches, which the partners foresee enabling precision medicine.
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Blocking Innate Immune Memory May Lessen Transplant Rejection

The study used a genetically modified mouse organ transplant model to show that the innate immune cells, once exposed to a foreign tissue, could remember and initiate an immune response if exposed to that foreign tissue in the future.
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Finnish GvDH Study Shows Multiple Gene Mutations

Researchers found that the mTOR mutated CD4+ T cell clone expanded during the course of GvHD despite immunosuppressive treatment, suggesting the mutation contributed to the disease pathogenesis.
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Sherlock’s CRISPR SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Diagnostic Gets FDA Emergency Use Approval

The kit, which provides results in roughly one hour, is the first FDA EUA for the use of CRISPR technology in a diagnostic.
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