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Oncology Analytics’ Series B Yields $21M

The company will expand its health benefits management offerings, as well as make investments in data analytics and innovative health tech
Metastasis Infection

Small Percentage of Cancer Cells Responsible for Metastatic Cancer Spread

Enabler cells containing a shortened oncoprotein in early-stage breast cancers could predict which tumors are more aggressive and destined to metastasize, report researchers from Georgetown University.
Genexus system chip

Democratizing Precision Medicine

In today’s world of precision medicine, the more information you have on a patient, the better, in terms of treatment options. The field of...
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center has won FDA authorization for MSK-IMPACT (Integrated Mutation Profiling of Actionable Cancer Targets) assay

MSK’s Approved NGS-Based Tumor Panel Leads to FDA Assay Review Pathway

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center wins FDA authorization for MSK-IMPACT assay, the first tumor-profiling LDT to win agency approval

Sponsored: Making NGS Actionable—Moving Oncology Beyond ‘One Mutation-One Drug’

While most NGS providers limit their annotated reports to one mutation-one drug associations that address targeted therapeutics, Cellworks’ biosimulation platform permits an assessment of all cancer therapies, including radiation, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy.
Antibodies responding to coronavirus particle, illustration

Antibody-Producing Cells Last at Least One Year After COVID-19 Infection

A new study finds that nearly a year after recovering from COVID-19, the body’s bone marrow plasma cells still make active antibodies against the virus. The findings appear to suggest that antibody production does not wane over time to the point of offering no protection.
DNA and RNA molecules

Graphene Hydrogel Could Help mRNA Vaccine Target Cancer More Effectively

A specialized hydrogel can not only encapsulate and protect mRNA cancer vaccines from being broken down in the body, but can also target lymph nodes to activate immune cells, shows early stage research.
Lung Cancer

KRAS Lung Cancer Drug Reaches Clinic via Accelerated FDA Approval

Amgen's Lumakras, a small molecule just approved for clinical use by the FDA, becomes the first targeted therapy for lung cancer patients with KRAS mutations, an urgently needed option for patients with limited therapeutic options.
Neurons sending pulsating electric impulses and communicating with each other. Concept For Neurological Diseases, Tumors And Brain Surgery

Next Steps for Huntington’s Therapeutics Field After Roche, Wave Failures

Roche and Wave's Huntington's disease ASO trials failed earlier this year, but researchers in the field remain positive that a more effective therapy will be developed in the not too distant future.
Coronavirus spike protein and receptor, illustration

SARS-CoV-2 Reproductive Method Could Be Good Target for Therapies

High quality microscopy has captured mammalian translation of SARS-CoV-2 viral RNA in unprecedented detail. The virus uses a ‘pseudoknot’ structure to create tension in the ribosome and promote frameshifting to translate viral RNA.


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