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Humanigen Attempts Revival via Battle Against COVID-19

The company is currently testing whether its engineered antibody or “Humaneered” technology developed over two decades can catapult the company to a leading role in the scramble to conquer COVID-19.
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LabCorp Joins Tempus’ Clinical Trial Recruitment Network

Under the agreement, Covance will join Tempus’ TIME Trial Network, a data-driven approach that aims to improve the efficiency of clinical trials recruitment, design, and launch.
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Oncology Analytics’ Series B Yields $21M

The company will expand its health benefits management offerings, as well as make investments in data analytics and innovative health tech
Robert Green

Of Known Significance

An exclusive Clinical OMICs conversation with the director of Genomes2People, Robert Green, M.D., MPH.
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8 Companion Diagnostic Developers Making a Mark

If companion diagnostics (CDx) were people, they would be old enough to drink. The first CDx won FDA approval in 1998, when Dako Denmark...

Triple negative breast cancer might not actually be ‘breast cancer’

The study could signal a potential treatment breakthrough for patients with this form of breast cancer, which disproportionately affects and tends to develop more aggressively in black women.

Small Sequencer Developer GenapSys Completes $90M Series C Financing

GenapSys’ sequencing system is about the size of an iPad, costs under $10,000, and is based on a proprietary direct electronic sequencing chip, which is intended to eliminate the need for cumbersome equipment.
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COVID-19 May Prompt Strong T Cell Response in Mild Cases with No Detectable Virus-Specific...

The research indicated that T cell responses generated by natural exposure to, or infection with, SARS-CoV-2 may be a significant immune component to the prevention of recurrent episodes of severe disease.

Thermo Fisher Partners with AstraZeneca, UNMC on Clinical Biomarker Analysis Workflows

The new partnerships are intended to bolster Thermo Fisher's Precision Medicine Science Center's mission of creating standardized workflows with pharma and academic partners, with the goal of enhancing precision medicine by streamlining the transition from biomarker research to clinical implementation.
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Whole-Genome Sequencing Comes of Age in Clinical Care

In this Clinical OMICs KEYNOTE webinar, sponsored by Illumina, we are delighted to host two true pioneers of clinical genome sequencing, bioinformatician Dr. Liz Worthey and geneticist Dr. Howard Jacob, who will reflect on a decade of progress in clinical genome analysis and discuss the future challenges confronting the field.
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