Microscope photo of a human large intestine section with inflammation

IBD Inflammation Linked to Long-Lived Immune Cell

It has long been believed that immune system dysfunction, in concert with genetic susceptibility and changes in the gut microbiome, plays a significant role in IBD. However, the types of immune cells involved and their specific contributions to IBD have remained unclear.

Scientists Report Significant Big Data Advance that Integrates Lipidomics and Transcriptomics

Researchers at the Norwich, U.K.-based Genome Analysis Center (TGAC) say they have developed a unique bioinformatics approach for identifying associations between molecules from a...
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Epigenetic Link Between Huntington’s, RA Uncovered

UCSD and Mount Sinai researchers' new algorithmic tool uncovers unexpected epigenetic overlaps that may suggest new therapeutic targets
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Deleted Gene Found That is Common to Autism and Kidney Issues

Mutation within the TSHZ3 gene has been identified in a patient born with abnormal kidneys who also displayed signs of ASD.
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8 Biopharma Trends to Watch in 2020

The presidential election, mergers and acquisitions, Alzheimer's drug, gene therapy, and genome editing among industry’s likeliest drivers for the coming year.
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The DNA Company Buys AI-Driven Pain App for $30M, Forms New Venture

The intention is to use the combined expertise in functional genomics and digital therapeutics to develop a range of health apps with pain management and COVID-19 the initial foci.
Qiagen’s QuantiNova kits have a built-in tracking system for visual identification of correct pipetting.

Real-Time PCR: Yet More Worlds to Conquer

The polymerase chain reaction (PCR), invented about three decades ago, soon entered mainstream use thanks to an ongoing series of refinements. One particularly important refinement,...

Thermo Fisher, Eli Lilly Ink CDx Collaboration in NSCLC, Thyroid Cancer

Thermo Fisher Scientific said today it will develop a companion diagnostic for Eli Lilly’s Phase I/II cancer candidate LOXO-292 (selpercatinib) through a collaboration whose...
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Heart-Stopping Incidental Findings Are Often Non-Starters

Ominous-sounding news from a genomic test may actually be innocuous, so physicians may hesitate before they inform patients of questionable and potentially irrelevant results....

Myriad Wins Japanese Approval for BRACAnalysis to Assess Breast, Ovarian Cancer Risk

Diagnostic system tests for BRCA mutations in order to assess risk of Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer (HBOC) syndrome in women with breast cancer.
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