Individumed and Helomics will partner to develop biomarkers for analyzing human cancer biospecimens and annotated patient clinical data. [Source: Individumed]

Indivumed, Helomics Launch Cancer Biomarker Collaboration

Indivumed and Helomics will partner to develop biomarkers for analyzing human cancer biospecimens and annotated patient clinical data
Source: Credit:Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/Getty Images

GIANT Consortium IDs Body Fat Distribution Genes

Team shows the first association of body-fat distribution, assessed by waist-to-hip ratio adjusted for BMI, with low-frequency variants

The Human Genome at 15: Researchers Who Were There Discuss the Human Genome Project

Based on the power of today's sequencing technology it is easy to overlook how monumental a task the HGP was when launched in 1990
Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen Research & Development will use BiomX's XMarker platform to discover microbiome-based biomarkers for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

Janssen, BiomX to Partner on Discovering Microbiome-Based IBD Biomarkers

Janssen will use BiomX's XMarker platform to stratify responders versus non-responders of inflammatory bowel disease therapeutics
A comprehensive molecular analysis of 894 primary renal cell carcinomas resulted in nine subtypes defined by systematic analysis of five genomic data platforms. Each major histologic types represent substantial molecular diversity. Presumed actionable alterations include PI3K and immune checkpoint pathways. [Dr. Chad Creighton/Cell Reports]

Large Genomic Study Finds New Kidney Cancer Subtypes and Drug Targets

A new study found substantial molecular diversity among kidney cancers and some possible new drug targets.
Health Network Laboratories (HNL)

Health Network Laboratories Buys CTGT, Adding Inherited Genetic Disorders MDx Testing Services

Deal adds Connective Tissue Gene Tests' more than 3,300 unique tests covering 1,000+ genes to HNL's molecular diagnostic testing services
Healthcare professionals express concern that due to complexities of genetic testing and counseling

Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing: Will It Go Away?

The NIH defines direct-to-consumer genetic tests (DTCs) as those aimed at consumers via television, print advertisements, or the Internet. Also known as at-home genetic...
The use of big data often depends on computational clouds to provide the processing power and storage

From DNA to Diagnosis without Delay

The world’s first processor expressly designed to perform secondary analysis of next-generation sequencing data is relieving the bottleneck between sequencing and practical application. Setting...
Illumina believes the iSeq 100 benchtop NGS instrument has the potential to democratize genomics. [Source: Illumina]

Illumina Aims for iSeq 100 to Democratize Genomic Research

At a price of just under $20,000, iSeq 100 "puts NGS within reach of virtually any lab" Illumina contends
A recent study involving multiple research institutes found significant variations both in sequencing and evaluation results in some of the reports on cancer mutations. [Centro Nacional de Analisis Genómico

Improving Cancer Genome Analysis

Oncologists are increasingly using information obtained from investigations of the tumor genome to find individualized therapies for patients. They specifically search the hereditary information...
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