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Rare Genetic Variant for Alzheimer’s More Common Among Icelandic Population

Research led by Icelandic Heart Association shows rare variant in TM2D3 gene linked to increased risk, earlier onset of Alzheimer's disease.
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Microbiota Changes From Consumer Antimicrobial Triclosan Linked to Colitis, Colon Cancer

Triclosan, used in 2,000 consumer products from toothpaste to cosmetics, linked to altered gut microbiota, colitis, and colon cancer
Fully Automated Quality Control for Next-Gen Sequencing

Fully Automated Quality Control for Next-Gen Sequencing

The 4200 TapeStation system is a fully automated instrument that enables scientists to rapidly analyze up to 96 DNA samples at a time.

New RNA Modification Added to Epitranscriptomic Library

Scientists find modified RNA "epitranscriptome" that could be a key regulatory control of gene expression.
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Single-Cell Gene Expression Patterns Provide New MS Insights

The mechanisms that underlie the progression of MS are not well understood. Now, an international, multi-institutional team of researchers has studied pathological events at...
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New Variant Uncovered that Predicts Huntington’s Onset Age

Researchers at the University of British Columbia (UBC)/Centre for Molecular Medicine & Therapeutics (CMMT) and BC Children’s Hospital recently uncovered a new genetic variant...
NGS technology has enabled researchers to epidemiologically analyze DNA sequences by quickly deciphering mass quantities of genetic information in a short amount of time. [Heart illustration: iStock/SvetaP DNA double helix: iStock/Kagenmi]

AdventHealth, Helix to Collaborate on Population Health Program

Regional, non-profit healthcare delivery network AdventHealth (formerly Adventist Health System) announced it will partner with personal genomics company Helix to screen up to 10,000...
Editas Medicine has won FDA approval of its IND application for its Leber Congenital Amaurosis type 10 (LCA10) candidate EDIT-101

FDA Approves IND for Editas’ CRISPR Genome Editing Treatment EDIT-101

Drs. Doudna, Church among co-founders of company, which plans clinical trial with Allergan of first in vivo CRISPR genome editing treatment.
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AMP, CAP Publish Consensus Guidelines for Validating NGS-Based Cancer Panels

The recommendations are designed to improve cancer care by ensuring clinical laboratories achieve high-quality sequencing results.
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Liquid Biopsy Equal to Tissue to Indicate Immunotherapy Response

Liquid biopsy is just as good as traditional tumor testing at identifying microsatellite instability (MSI), an important biomarker used to predict response to immunotherapy...
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