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MyHeritage Data Breach Likely not Focused on Genomic Data

While health-related data are attractive targets, hackers are likely more interested in grabbing credit card information than genomic data
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Google’s AI Tool DeepVariant Promises Significantly Fewer Genome Errors

DeepVariant leverages deep-learning and image-recognition technology to automatically identify INDELs and single-base-pair mutations.
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Fathers’ Genomic Imprinting Promotes Mothers’ Loving Care

Investigators study genomic imprinting, the role of the Phida2 gene on the maternal behavior in mice, and its potential human implications
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Thermo Fisher Consortium Aims to Drive NGS in Immunotherapy Research

The Immuno-Oncology Consortium is intended to promote adoption of NGS panels to identify predictive and prognostic biomarkers
Single-gene testing just isn't adequate anymore

Why the Controversy? Start Sequencing Tumor Genes at Diagnosis

There are huge benefits to genomic tumor assessment, both for better treatment now, and later, if first-line treatments fail. But I don’t think many...
Personal Genome Diagnostics Inc. (PGDx) has raised $75 million in Series B financing

PGDx to Advance Test Development with $75M in Series B Financing

Proceeds will be invested in further development of tissue-based and liquid biopsy technologies for cancer genomics

AGBT Precision Health Roundup

In Addition to Success Stories, Attendees Learn About Emerging Areas of Precision Health
Freenome’s artificial intelligence (AI) genomics platform

Institut Curie, Freenome to Leverage Machine Learning for cfDNA Analysis

The collaboration will use Freenome's artificial intelligence genomics platform to predict patient response to immuno-oncology therapies.
Bacteriophage life cycle [Anne Chevallereau and colleagues]

Using OMIC Techniques to Understand Phage Therapy Virus

Next-generation approaches detail bacteriophage life cycle as it replicates inside P. aeruginosa.
Biocept will evaluate the clinical utility and cost effectiveness of using Biocept's Target Selector testing in patients diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)

Biocept to Study Clinical Utility, Cost Effectiveness of Assays in NSCLC Patients

Target Selector assays to be assessed in patients who have been diagnosed with NSCLC and/or have progressed on EGFR targeted therapy
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