University of Illinois researchers developed a method to detect and map DNA methylation

Methylation Mapping with Nanopore Sequencing

Nanopores could map small methylation changes in DNA that signal big shifts in cancer development.
Source: Union of Concerned Scientists

Effects of NIH Budget Cuts Will Extend into the Clinic, Kalorama Cautions

Long-term effects seen beyond FY2018 if reduced federal spending slows down the transformation of research into clinical practice
Experts have suggested that in the next decade large-scale sequencing for all healthy babies at birth is plausible. [Source: © Miroslav Beneda -]

Newborn Screening: Adapting to Advancements in Whole-Genome Sequencing

Since 1963, state public health programs have screened newborns for a number of life-altering health conditions. Many of these disorders are rare and genetic,...

Precision Med Team Sets Sights on Rare Disease Therapies

The UnDx Consortium will explore results of novel tests analyzing samples from six patients struggling with undiagnosed diseases.
Source: © rob3000/Fotolia

Selah Partners with GHS, DecisionQ, and BD to Improve Colon Cancer Treatment

Selah Genomics, a subsidiary of EKF Diagnostics, entered an 18 month collaboration with Greenville Health System (GHS), DecisionQ, and Becton Dickinson and Company (BD)....

Predicine, Kintor Pharmaceuticals Launch Precision Oncology Partnership

Kintor will use Predicine’s expertise in genomics and molecular information to advance the development of its oncology pipeline
Source: Spatial Transcriptomics

Seven Bridges Invests in Spatial Transcriptomics With Partnership in Mind

Companies to make Spatial Transcriptomics’ tools for visualizing gene expression within tissue samples available on Seven Bridges' platform
BGI Group and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center have signed a memorandum of understanding committing them to explore cooperative projects in areas including cancer genomics

BGI, Fred Hutch to Partner on Cancer Genomics, Infectious Disease Research

Sequencing giant, research institute also commit to establishing partnerships with hospitals and research institutions in China and Africa.
Clinical OMICs Magazine: Volume 2

Promoting Wellness and Demystifying Disease: The 100K Project

We believe that a longitudinal, Framingham-like study of 100,000 well individuals (hereafter termed the 100K project) and their dynamical data clouds could transform medicine...
Prometheus Laboratories has launched Prometheus® Anser® UST

Prometheus Laboratories Launches New Diagnostics for IBD, Crohn’s Disease

Prometheus Laboratories has launched a serum/antibody test for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and a serum test for Crohn's disease,
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