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Top Women in Precision Medicine

In our second installment of women making their mark in the field, Clinical OMICs interviews Bonnie Anderson of Veracyte, Tina Hambuch of Invitae, and Cindy Perettie of Foundation Medicine.
Web-based HRM Analysis for Data from any Thermocycler

Web-based HRM Analysis for Data from any Thermocycler

New HRM software from Canon BioMedical analyzes data generated from any thermocycler
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Quest to Partner with Paige.ai To Develop AI-Driven Digital Pathology Cancer Diagnostics

Memorial Sloan Kettering spin-out Paige will partner with Quest Diagnostics to develop precise AI-driven cancer assessment tools to speed up and improve diagnosis for patients with a range of solid tumors.
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Scientists Discover New Role For ‘Junk’ DNA in Cancer Development

The mechanism identified suggests that when an oncogene is activated and begins to replicate itself in an uncontrolled fashion, creating multiple copies of itself within the genome (and beginning the process of turning a normal cell into a cancerous one), non-coding DNA material is included in the replication sequence.
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Liquid Biopsies Are Finding the Genetic Material in the Cellular Haystack

The term “biopsy” frequently evokes fear in patients, as the procedure is most often associated with cancer screening. Nevertheless, patient fears about biopsies are...
A recent study led by Ambry Genetics found that rates of false positives among direct-to-consumer genetic tests was as high as 40%.

Wrangle Over DTC Results: Ambry Study Highlights 40% False Positives

Ambry Study Highlights 40% False Positives, 23andMe Defends Tests, and Experts Weigh In
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Adding Whole Strawberries to Diet Could Ward Off Gut Inflammation

Using mouse models, researchers find that a handful of strawberries daily improves gut health and reverses unhealthy microbiota composition
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Genomic Variant Underlying Obesity in African Lineage Discovered

New NHGRI genome-wide association study findings highlight the importance of genomic research within diverse populations.
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Color Banks $167M in Latest Financing Round

The company said it will use the new funds to expand its work building public health technology and infrastructure for governments, employers, and other institutions that serve large populations—services aimed at addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Seniors Taking Multiple Meds Could Benefit from Comprehensive Pharmacogenetic Testing

Columbia University researchers suggest testing may help identify older adults at risk of adverse events and hospitalizations.


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