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Heart-Stopping Incidental Findings Are Often Non-Starters

Ominous-sounding news from a genomic test may actually be innocuous, so physicians may hesitate before they inform patients of questionable and potentially irrelevant results....
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New Single Cell Transcriptional Profiling Method Developed

Data from patients with leukemia use single-cell RNA-sequencing technology to yield the most comprehensive single cell data sets to date.
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Almost 3X as Many Genes Associated with Childhood Asthma as Adult Asthma

Researchers report that a genome-wide association study (GWAS) demonstrated that childhood-onset asthma was associated with nearly three times as many genes as adult-onset asthma....
Next-Gen Sequencing Reference Standard

Next-Gen Sequencing Reference Standard

Seraseq Solid Tumor Mutation Mix Mix-I (AF20) a biosynthetic reference material evaluates performance of NGS based tumor profiling assays.

Cancer MoonShot 2020 Launches Melanoma and Sarcoma Working Group

New working group joins four others as the program aims to enroll 20,000 patients in clinical trials in 20 tumor types in next three years.
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Amoy Diagnostics, Illumina Join Hands for NGS Cancer Diagnostics in China

Amoy Diagnostics and Illumina are embarking on a collaboration to speed up the adoption of precision medicine and targeted therapies in China. Amoy will develop...
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U.S. Struggles to Overcome Disincentives to Practicing Precision Medicine

Novel advances in personalized and precision medicine (PPM) could offer enormous gains in healthy life expectancy for Americans, but the incentives to develop them...
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Gut Microbiota Predictor of Chemotherapy-Induced Blood Infections

New study results could help physicians choose a therapeutic path for some cancer patients.
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Caris Life Sciences, Ambry Genetics Team on New Hereditary Cancer Panel

Ambry Genetics’ 67-gene CancerNext Expanded panel to evaluate hereditary risks for cancer will now be available combined with Caris’ somatic (tumor) tests that analyze a cancer’s detailed molecular makeup.
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Nebula Launches Platform Enabling Whole Genome Sequencing, Data Access

Users who choose to answer health-related questions can earn credits redeemable for offerings that include free personal genome sequencing
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