The PREDICT trial will apply next-generation T-cell receptor sequencing and single-cell gene expression analysis in a study intended to find new strategies to personalize treatment for pediatric patients. (Source: © Sebastian Kaulitzki/Fotolia)

Seattle Children’s Launches Personalized Medicine Trial Focused on IBD, GVHD

PREDICT trial will use next-generation TCR sequencing, single-cell gene expression analysis to personalize treatment for pediatric patients.
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Perthera, Hope for Stomach Cancer to Provide No Cost Cancer Services

Patients will receive Perthera's Precision Cancer Analysis service, a multi-omics approach to tissue analysis that enables precision therapy
Researchers  at the University of California

Protein Domain Controls DNA Cutting, Making CRISPR More Accurate

Researchers have identified a key region within the Cas9 protein that governs how accurately CRISPR homes in on a target DNA sequence.
Maximilian Muenke MD FACMG

ACMG Taps Maxmilian Muenke as New CEO

The American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) announces that Maximilian Muenke, MD, FACMG will become its new CEO, following a thorough national...
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Sarah Cannon Research Institute to Leverage Foundation Medicine’s Genomic Profiling Expertise

The collaboration focuses on genomic profiling to allow Sarah Cannon researchers to more accurately screen patients for clinical trials.

FDA Authorizes Marketing for 23andMe Bloom Syndrome Carrier Status Test

The FDA has granted 23andMe authority for marketing a direct-to-consumer genetic test, nearly a year and a half after forcing the company to stop...
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Researchers Link Effect of Cancer Drug With Alzheimer’s-Protecting Mutation

Researchers identify a genetic mutation that produces the same effect as Gleevec to protect the elderly from developing Alzheimer's disease.
Human papilloma virus, illustration

Biomarker of Female Precancer Risk from HPV Found in Microbiome

Gardnerella bacteria were the dominant biomarker for the progression of HR-HPV and its effect is mediated by increased cervicovaginal bacterial diversity directly preceding the progression of a persistent infection to precancer.

Defining a Molecular Dx Curriculum for Clinical Lab Scientists

To date, training programs in molecular diagnostics have been proliferating beyond anyone’s ability to define a curriculum. But at least one organization is trying...
Facade of US Supreme court in Washington DC, United States of America

Whose Genes Anyway?: Congressional action on Section 101 of U.S. patent law could reopen...

In early-to-mid June, the Intellectual Property Subcommittee of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee held three days of hearings on proposed legislation to reform Section...
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