Micrograph of myeloma neoplasm from bone marrow biopsy

GNS Healthcare, Partners Identify Transcription Factor Linked to Multiple Myeloma

GNS Healthcare and partners said the identification of PHF19 could lead to improvements in how diagnostics developers target the transcription factor through single gene tests—as well as how researchers design clinical trials, and how oncologists make decisions on treating patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma.
HLI and Merck KGaA will focus on identifying biomarkers in patients with locally advanced or metastatic NRAS mutated cutaneous melanoma that show a preferential response to Merck’s pimasertib.. [© M&S Fotodesign/Fotolia]

APOE Variant May Protect Against Melanoma Spread

The research showed that both mouse and human carriers of the APOE4 gene variant had less melanoma progression and metastasis compared with those who had the APOE2 gene variant, as well as a better response to cancer immunotherapy.
Senior male smoking cigarette on black background

Smoking May Exacerbate COVID-19 Infection by Increasing ACE2 Expression

Smoking increases the gene expression of ACE2—the protein that binds SARS-CoV-2. The study suggests that prolonged smoking could cause an increase of the ACE2 protein in the lungs, possibly resulting in a higher rate of morbidity in patients.

TruGenomix, BlueBee Launch Behavioral Health Partnership Sparked by COVID-19

The companies said they will train, model, and expand insights continuously using machine learning and artificial intelligence, with the goal of enabling early identification of people at high risk for PTSD and other behavioral health conditions based on their biomarkers.
One of the major scientific crusades in oncology has been to identify and validate biomarkers associated with recurrent breast cancer. [iStock / royaltystockphoto]

Analysis of 100 Studies Reveals 32 New Sites of Genetic Variation Linked to Breast...

Researchers used data collected by the UK-based Breast Cancer Association Consortium over the last 15 years employing new analytical methods to identify variants that can have different effects for different types of cancer.
Autism spectrum disorder, conceptual illustration

New Research Points to Common Gene Expression Profile of Autism Spectrum Disorder

The results indicate that while the DNA of individuals with autism may harbor different alterations, the activity of these genes is similar in people with the disorder, and differs from that of the same genes in the brains of people without autism.

PrecisionLife’s AI Platform Identifies 59 Drug Candidates with Potential vs. Sepsis in COVID-19

According to PrecisionLife, the 59 drug candidates could be studied in future drug trials and repurposing projects—and also hold potential as high-risk biomarkers for COVID-19.
Clinical OMICs Keynote Webinar lead image

Newborn Genomic Screening: In Sickness and In Health

In this inaugural Clinical OMICs Keynote webinar, we are proud to host two renowned leaders in the field of genomic medicine, Drs Stephen Kingsmore and Robert Green, who will discuss their pioneering work in the field of newborn genome sequencing and analysis.
A newborn in the hospital's maternity ward

Biomarker in Cerebrospinal Fluid of Infants May Predict Development of Autism

The study showed that the hormone vasopressin was present at much lower levels in the CSF of 0–3-month-old babies who were later diagnosed with ASD than it was in CSF samples from infants who weren’t subsequently diagnosed with ASD.

Rare Gene Discovered That Nearly Doubles Risk of Developing a Neurodegenerative Disease

The researchers found that rare variation in the gene TET2 nearly doubled the risk of developing diseases like Alzheimer disease (AD), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and frontotemporal dementia (FTD).
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