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Multivariate RNA Modeling Techniques Predicts Immune Checkpoint Responders

A retrospective study among head and neck cancer patients found that a multivariate RNA biomarker test performed equally as standard PD-L1 immunohistochemistry (IHC) testing for predicting responses to anti-PD1-based immune checkpoint inhibitors.
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The Biomarker Future is Digital

As demand continues to grow for more data to inform precision medicine, digital biomarkers represent a new class of biomarkers that provide information in real time.
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Study Finds Biomarker that May ID People at High Risk of Major Depressive Disorder

The results of research headed by scientists at Japan’s Fujita Health University suggest that a metabolite in the kynurenine (KYN) pathway could represent a clinical biomarker for identifying individuals with depression-like symptoms who are at risk of developing major depressive disorder.
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New Insights About How Tau Causes Neurodegenerative Disease Revealed

Researchers at Columbia University's Zuckerman Institute and Mayo Clinic used cryo-electron microscopy with mass spectrometry to provide highly detailed snapshots of the tau protein to find that post translational modifications can influence how tau misfolds in brain cells.
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Neuroblastoma Recurrence Monitoring Method Developed

Using ddPCR, researchers discover expression levels of seven key biomarkers in the bone marrow samples of 17 patients who had suffered tumor relapse and regrowth were significantly higher compared to the levels in the 56 patients who hadn't relapsed.

New Liquid Biopsy Tackles Early Cancer Detection via Cell Clusters

The study presents clinical evidence for an innovative liquid biopsy assay which can detect cell clusters of any type of cancer called C-ETACs (Circulating Ensembles of Tumor Associated Cells) in the blood of asymptomatic individuals.

ProSciento, Nordic Bioscience Partner to Develop Translational Biomarkers for NASH

Companies plan to combine ProSciento’s NASH PASS patient registry with Nordic Bioscience’s Protein FingerPrint technology.
CellMax Life's CMxTM circulating tumor cell (CTC) platform and liquid biopsy panel will be used by Medigen Biotech in upcoming clinical trials of its cell therapy candidates for cancers

New Liquid Biopsy Method IDs Melanoma Patients Likely to Relapse

Although CTCs can be detected in melanoma patients, there is limited data regarding their significance in stage III (node-positive) disease. This prospective study was based on earlier studies that found CTCs in a significant number of breast cancer patients was associated with relapse, independent of other prognostic methods.

Biological Dynamics to Commercialize Biomarker Isolation Tech via Microsoft OCP Program

Biological Dynamics is developing assays for pharmaceutical applications built on Verita, the company’s proprietary biomarker isolation technology that can isolate DNA and extracellular vesicles from plasma and serum without the need to pre-process samples.
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Imaging Plus Deep Molecular Analysis Improves Precision Cancer Treatment

The research team correlated the genetic and protein fingerprints of brain cancer cells with how those cells and surrounding cells looked using MRI, a test routinely performed as soon as brain cancer is suspected.
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