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Triple Negative Breast Cancer First Target of Moffitt Cancer Center, APIS Collaboration

APIS has obtained a worldwide exclusive license for the commercial development of TROLL-2 and TROLL-3 from Moffitt, setting the groundwork for commercial IVD development of these biomarkers.
Microbiotica will use its precision metagenomics microbiome platform in an up-to-$534 million-plus partnership with Genentech

Specific Gut Microbes that Trigger Immune Response to Viral Infections Identified

Low-level interferon signaling that offers antiviral protection in the absence of active infection is present in all humans shortly after birth, but where and how this signaling occurs has remained unclear. The newly reported work offers up an explanation for this phenomenon.

Caris Life Sciences Raises $310M in Financing

Caris’ molecular profiling offerings are designed to assess DNA, RNA, and proteins, with the aim of helping physicians and cancer patients make more precise and personalized treatment decisions.

Moffitt Cancer Center Develops Diagnostic Lung Cancer Algorithm to Tailor Treatments

The deep learning model using positron emission tomography/computerized tomography (PET/CT) radiomics may identify which non-small cell lung cancer patients may be sensitive to tyrosine kinase inhibitor treatment and those who would benefit from immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy.
Senior woman losing parts of head feeling confused as symbol of decreased mind function.

Biomarker in the Eye Could Diagnose Neurodegeneration

Neurofilament light chain, a promising protein biomarker of neurodegeneration, has been identified in the cerebrospinal fluid and blood as a potential screening tool and prognostic indicator.
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NIH Increases Funding for Large Scale Alzheimer’s Biomarker Study

The study will support research on health disparities in brain aging and Alzheimer’s between Mexican Americans and non-Latino whites. It is believed that Hispanics are approximately one and one-half times more likely to have Alzheimer’s or other dementias as older whites.
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Whole-Genome Sequencing Comes of Age in Clinical Care

In this Clinical OMICs KEYNOTE webinar, sponsored by Illumina, we are delighted to host two true pioneers of clinical genome sequencing, bioinformatician Dr. Liz Worthey and geneticist Dr. Howard Jacob, who will reflect on a decade of progress in clinical genome analysis and discuss the future challenges confronting the field.

Thermo Fisher Partners with AstraZeneca, UNMC on Clinical Biomarker Analysis Workflows

The new partnerships are intended to bolster Thermo Fisher's Precision Medicine Science Center's mission of creating standardized workflows with pharma and academic partners, with the goal of enhancing precision medicine by streamlining the transition from biomarker research to clinical implementation.
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Drug-Induced Liver Injury Predicted by Polygenic Risk Score

By combining available genome-wide association study data and applying mathematical weighting methods, the team found a PRS formula that appears to predict which patients may develop DILI as a result of taking different drugs.
PD-1 is a checkpoint to slow down T-cells. PD-1  (red) extends from the surface of a T-cell interacting with the ligand protein PD-L1 (yellow) from an antigen presenting cell.

Immuno-Oncology Drug Response Predicted via New Imaging Method

Using induced fluorescence resonance energy transfer (iFRET), the researchers directly assessed interaction between programmed death ligand-1 (PD-L1) ligand with its receptor programmed death receptor-1 (PD-1), in patients’ tumor samples.
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