Neurons sending pulsating electric impulses and communicating with each other. Concept For Neurological Diseases, Tumors And Brain Surgery

Glial Cells Could Be Therapeutic Target for Huntington’s Disease

Once thought to be little more than housekeeping cells, glia have been shown to have more direct roles in promoting normal neuronal and synaptic function.
Berg will partner with Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women's Hospital to study potential biomarkers for Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative disorders from Harvard Biomarker Study biospecimens. [Source:]

Some Causes of Inflammation May Protect Against Cognitive Decline

Higher levels of two inflammatory proteins –interferon gamma and interleukin-12p70– seem to actively slow cognitive decline in elderly individuals, a somewhat surprising finding that contradicts previous thinking about neurodegenerative disease.
Tumor Destroying Organism

IsoPlexis’ Functional Proteomics Uncovers Predictive Biomarkers

Sponsored content brought to you by Functional proteomics is at the forefront of current medical research and has the potential to greatly accelerate therapy development...
Tumor - Cancer cells reproduction

Researchers Trace Metastatic Cancer Lineage, Gene Expression Patterns at Single Cell Level

Findings from researchers at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine suggest that genetic mutations are not the only drivers of cancer spread; single-cell RNA profiling results underscore that gene expression patterns play a key role in disease outcomes.
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New Evidence for Biomarkers of Dementia and Value of Aerobic Exercise in Preventing Cognitive...

The researchers looked at whether three specific biomarkers, previously implicated in learning and memory, would increase in older adults following exercise and correlate with cognition and metabolomic markers of brain health.
Fireworks in Brain

Study Affirms Value of Neurofilament Light as Neurodegeneration Blood Biomarker

A single biomarker—neurofilament light chain—can indicate the presence of underlying neurodegeneration with excellent accuracy across several different disorders, according to new research.
Illustration of a damaged ribonucleic acid or  dna strand

Natural Suppressor Mutations May Help Protect Us from Genetic Disorders

A study in yeast suggests that the presence of harmful genetic variants may naturally trigger the generation of corrective 'rescue' mutations that aid survival, which could also have implications for diagnosis and treatment of human genetic disease.
Autism spectrum disorder, conceptual illustration

Research Shows How Gene Associated with Autism Slows Brain Development

Mutations in a few hundred genes are associated with ASD. Researchers at IST Austria have revealed via mouse studies how one high-risk gene called Cullin 3 affects brain development.
Next-Generation Sequencing Test for Cutaneous Melanoma

Genetic Switch Between Pigmentation and Melanoma Revealed

The team characterized, for the first time, the connection between two cellular communications (signaling) systems that converge on the CRTC3 protein in melanocytes. These two systems tell the cell to either proliferate or make the pigment melanin.

Mitochondrial Genetic Variants Inherited from Mother Can Influence Offspring’s Risk of Common Diseases

The study, used the data of more than 350,000 participants from the UK Biobank to find that genetic variants in mitochondrial DNA passed to offspring could increase the risk of developing different conditions, as well as influence characteristics such as height and lifespan.


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