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New CRISPR Technique to Activate Silent Gene Clusters Could Yield New Drugs

The method activates biosynthetic gene clusters in five Streptomyces species, a class of bacteria that has already yielded a range of drugs.
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MPI to License Drug Response Prediction Technology to Oncology Venture Sweden

The three-year deal for MPI's DRP technology will help OV identify tumor-derived genetic signatures for personalized cancer therapies.
Epic Sciences plans to accelerate development of its liquid biopsy cancer tests

Promising Liquid Biopsy for Gastric Cancer Recurrence Developed

The researchers performed deep sequencing of both circulating cfDNA and of white blood cells to look for mutations. Subtracting the white blood cells’ information from cfDNA yielded data investigators could use to predict cancer recurrence within nine weeks following preoperative treatment and surgery.
A researcher at Stanford University holding a tube of blood after centrifugation. The pale yellow liquid on top is blood plasma containing cell-free DNA. Cell-free DNA in easy-to-obtain samples such as blood or urine is revolutionizing precision medicine approaches in many fields of medicine including oncology

Cell-Free DNA Prospecting Starts to Pan Out

With all the buzz surrounding liquid biopsies, people might think circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) is a new discovery. Not so, according to Iwijn De...
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New Class of Biomarkers Indicates Cancer Patients’ Prognosis

Cold Spring Harbor researchers home in on copy number variations in driver genes to discover new prognostic biomarkers of cancer
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Gene Deletion May Aid Stroke, Spinal Injury Recovery

Researchers show that turning on a gene inside astrocytes results in less scarring and, potentially, more effective recovery from injury

Protagen Licenses BICD2 to Inova Dx

The license agreement will enable Inova to add the biomarker to its portfolio of connective tissue disease reagents.
Qiagen’s NGS portfolio includes the GeneReader NGS System

Qiagen, BMS to Develop Gene Expression Profiles for I-O Therapies Using NGS

Companies' latest collaboration designed to combine BMS’ portfolio of I-O therapies with Qiagen’s portfolio of NGS technologies.

NAS Urges “Rapid Learning System” to Accelerate Personalized Medicine

Biomarker tests for molecularly targeted therapies need better evidence and oversight, insists National Academy of Sciences.
Using NGS to detect cell-free DNA and other biomarkers could transform cancer care.  [©]

Early Detection: The Real Way to Beat Cancer

More than 40 years after President Nixon declared the War on Cancer in 1971, we are losing that battle. According to the American Cancer...