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Source: Maksim Kabakou/Getty Images
The Blood Profiling Atlas pilot, curated by Seven Bridges and U Chicago, will aggregate raw datasets of CTCs, ctDNA, and exosome assays.
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Caris will use its ADAPT system to develop a diagnostic intended to classify potential outcomes for Threshold's drug candidate evofosfamide.

DNA MiniPrep Kit

DNA MiniPrep Kit
The ZymoBIOMICS™ DNA Mini Kit is designed for purifying DNA from any sample input that is immediately ready for analysis.
Clinical PCR Master Mix for Challenging Genotyping
The TaqPath™ ProAmp™ Master Mixes are versatile solutions developed for high-throughput genotyping and copy number variation (CNV) protocols
Single-Cell RNA-Seq System
The new Single-Cell RNA-Seq System has been developed for efficient, high-throughput, single cell transcriptomics.
Personal Microcentrifuge
The Bio360™ Minifuge is a compact and economical personal microcentrifuge for tubes and strips.
Source: NIH
Peking University and University of Chicago researchers identify genome-wide cisplatin cross-linking sites with DNA base resolution.
In fruit fly studies
Research led by Icelandic Heart Association shows rare variant in TM2D3 gene linked to increased risk, earlier onset of Alzheimer's disease.
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The merger aims to create a combined provider of genomic services and testing for HIV and other infectious agents.
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Large-scale, genome-wide analysis of more than 110,000 samples has been completed by a worldwide consortium of scientists.
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