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The novel instrument, tested on patients with RA, could help facilitate broad access to single-cell RNA sequencing in a clinical environment
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Muscles lose strength as people age due to the accumulation of large numbers of genetic mutations in stem cells that help regenerate muscles
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Researchers found that nearly 80% of preschoolers possessed at least one genotype that could predispose them to poor snacking habits
After fewer Rosetta shareholders approved the deal than needed for completion
Companies say Genoptix interested in 'alternative options' after fewer Rosetta shareholders approve the deal than needed for completion
Tests use a computer algorithm designed to evaluate combined data on proteins that have been modified by damaging metabolic processes.
Company aims to develop Cota Nodal Address (CNA) system, designed to combine patient data with analysis, visualization, and management tools
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Analyses may yield comprehensive views of biological systems, as well as dependable representations of large patient cohorts.
Cognoa's artificial intelligence-based software platform for behavioral health conditions has received the FDA’s Class II diagnostic medical device designation for autism. [© ktsdesign/Fotolia]
The platform is designed to improve the speed and precision of the diagnosis and treatment of behavioral health conditions by physicians.
Karius’ Digital Culture Test for infectious diseases is designed to detect microbial cfDNA in plasma from more than 1,000 patients in a day.
GenomeNext has embedded within its Olympus genomic analysis platform results from Genomenon’s Mastermind Genomic Search Engine
Partners aim to simplify and accelerate variant curation, thus streamlining automation of genomic analysis and interpretation.


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