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Dr. Wendy Chung with a young patient.
Helping families by providing sequencing-based diagnoses of rare genetic diseases.
Invitae says its acquisitions of CombiMatrix and Goog Start Genetics
Invitae says the acquisitions, which total $72 million, will expand its diagnostics menu across every stage of an individual's life
Source: Bainscou / Wickimedia Commons
Diagnostics Leveraging Next-Generation Sequencing Become Mainstream for Cancer and Rare Diseases
RNA Library Prep Kit
The kit consists of all the components required to generate small RNA libraries to be used for next-gen sequencing.
Liquid Biopsy Test for Bladder Cancer
MDxHealth has launched its AssureMD for Bladder Cancer test in the U.S. as a laboratory developed test (LDT).
Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer
New ultra-low temperature freezer designed to operate on natural refrigerants.
Nucleic Acid Purification System
The combination of well-established magnetic bead-based technology and process automation allows for standardization of lab workflows.
Source: Li Ka Shing Institute of Health Sciences
As noninvasive prenatal testing takes off, researchers look to the next frontier of single-cell analysis.
Photo Credit: Mark Ostow
Clinical genomics thought leader shares her insights on exome vs. genome sequencing, data-sharing initiatives, and more
Source: tommasolizzul/Getty Images
The researchers used a computational approach to analyze a data set of more than 116,000 individuals and 2.3 million human SNPs
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